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Customer Stories

My Kollo Journey // Emma B

by Natasha Whiting

As a Business woman and Mother of 2 life of course is hectic at times but 2 years ago when I was 38 I also started going through the PERI menopause. In the last few months my symptoms have got much worse and I no longer  felt like myself, always tired, dull skin, brain fog, brittle nails and absolutely awful acne. I was despairing and started to feel very low. 

While scrolling through Instagram I came across an advert for Kollo and the huge benefits it can have for joints, skin and energy. I was a little skeptic but I desperately needed to try something especially for my acne. After about 3 weeks I firstly noticed my energy levels had increased and my skin started to have a fresh appearance. Another 3 weeks later my acne had GONE!!!! My hair is shiny, my nails super strong (I lift tiles for a living and they are usually chipped!) and people often comment on how well I look. Having more energy means my days are fulfilled so I am sleeping better, the brain fog has greatly improved and I'm smashing it in the gym. I feel like me again. 
It's tough for women juggling family life and running a Business but KOLLO has helped me physically and mentally deal with the side effects of my changing body, it is my little sachet of support accompanying me on my Peri journey ❤️.
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