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My Kollo Journey // Jacqui

by Natasha Whiting

My Kollo Journey // Jacqui

I am remarkably unremarkable and that is great.  I am a very happy mother to two beautiful children and have a husband who supports whatever mad ideas I have.  I live in a lovely small town in Wiltshire and am lucky enough to run my own business.  I guess I could be classed as a millennial, just.  Realistically however, at the age of thirty-nine I am definitely the wrong side of thirty and heading to my forties at lightening speed.

As a Physiotherapist I have long realised the benefits of exercise for the health of muscles and joints and regularly run, undertake Pilates sessions and play (very recreational!) tennis.  However, it has only been very recently that I have taken more interest in the changes in my skin that have been creeping up on me over the past few years.  As a person who smiles and giggles a lot I have started to see ‘laughter lines’ appearing, and whilst I love the fact that these are a sign of joy, maybe, just maybe they could be that little bit fainter?!
It seems like only yesterday that I turned thirty.  Looking back through photos I see a fresh face and hair that shines despite the lack of care and attention it really deserved.  That was almost ten years ago and the last 8.5 years have been dedicated to my delightful cherubs, with little focus upon my own body and its needs.  Looking at photos nowadays, and even looking in the mirror, everything seems slightly more ‘dull'.  
Recently, I was fortunate to come across Kollo, a daily liquid collagen supplement promising to contribute towards healthier skin, hair and nails, while helping to maintain the function of healthy joints and bones.  This was exciting on two levels: from a personal perspective it may help me regain my ‘shine’ and on a professional level it would be fantastic to have a product I could recommend to my Physiotherapy clients.  Being scientifically minded however, I’m not someone who gets carried away with the hype - I needed to try it for myself and this is what happened…………………..

This was taken at 3 Weeks


Today - 15/09/2020

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