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My Kollo Journey // Janice

by Natasha Whiting

I have so much love ❤️  for Kollo! I started using it when it first launched in April last year, when I seen Jenni Falconer the co founder advertising it! I follow Jenni on IG as not only is she a fellow Scot she is also a runner! Jenni explained that the supplement can help with hair and nails but also with joints and this is what what drew me in.

I have been using for over a year now and I found it helps recover me from a run and gives me strong nails and healthy hair! It’s an overall whole body supplement that gives me a zing!

The supplement got even better when they went from 7g to 10g of premium liquid marine collagen, you just add water and you have a tropical drink on hand. They come in handy wee sachets which are easy to pop in your bag. Often I don’t mix with water and have straight out the sachet as I like the taste and texture! I am a big believer in you get what you pay for and you get what you pay for and more here!

For me it was a month before I saw changes but when the changes happen with your nails being strong and your joints feeling stronger you realise health is always worth investing in!

Kollo is part of my daily routine! 

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