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My Kollo Journey // Juliet

by Olivia Coleman

My name is Juliet from Glasgow. I have been taking Kollo since around November 2020 after I saw Jenni share it on her social media. So, I have been taking it for quite a long time! That is why I do not have a “before” photo!

The benefits of taking Kollo are honestly numerous. The first major change I noticed after only a few weeks was my energy levels – I no longer have an “afternoon slump” at work which is really great. My skin is most definitely plumper and a lot clearer and brighter. I have always been prone to spotty skin with hormonal changes so this is a real benefit I have noticed. I only wear tinted moisturiser and some cover up if required and I feel confident to do so – I am nearly 46 so I am very happy with this!

Some other positive changes I have noticed since taking Kollo are that my hair is thicker and stronger and my nails grow really quickly. I enjoy taking Kollo first thing in the morning, straight out of the sachet. At first, I drank it in a glass of water but I find it quicker and easier to take it straight as it is from the sachet. It has a lovely tropical taste – it is quite strong when you first take it on its own, but you do get used to that very quickly and enjoy it. I would honestly highly recommend Kollo to everyone, men and women, and I will definitely continue to take it as long as I can.

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