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My Kollo Journey // Shany

by Olivia Coleman

My Kollo Journey // Shany

I have been on collagen products before trying Kollo. The reason being I work out a lot hiking walking you name it. Now I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my femur, the shaft area as opposed to the hip joint.

I was taking collagen due to my age of 61.Now the other product seemed to help, but really not delivering any meaningful results.

Now I take Kollo neat if you like, first thing in the morning as it tastes amazing. I always follow it down with a large cup of black coffee. Its taken 28 sachets to stop the pain in my femur and I can do so much more exercise.

My hairdresser had also noticed visible results in my hair, in regards to thickness and fullness. 

As for my skin, there is absolutely visible results now. I notice the fine lines are actually faded if you like now.

The results are within the first 28 days. The other product I was on was just over a year. And I kept looking for improvement and basically it was minimal. And it tasted disgusting.

I can not wait to see a years results on this Amazing Collagen supplement.

It's palatable beyond belief, it's removed a nasty pain in my femur that niggled on all the exercise that I do, and at rest.

I would go as far to say its made an impact on my mental health and overall wellbeing.

You got me hooked on this, and only because of the results.

As for my nails they are good, but I had a break from gel for 3 weeks. Historically they break without gel, not this time round.

Thank you for this wonderful product.

Shany xx


My Kollo Journey - Shany

The before picture shows my hair like straw and skin looks imbalanced.

The after speaks for itself, and my hair was also showcased at my hairdresser, and you can see its day and night xx

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