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How to boost your immunity this winter with Kollo

by Natasha Whiting

An autumnal immunity boost

Have you been feeling stressed out this year? It’s been a weird one and we have all been feeling a little extra worry and pressure. Are you worried about your own stress impacting your immune system? None of us like to suffer from winter coughs and colds, and as the weather turns, we all wonder – how can we support our immunity so we can feel healthy this autumn and winter?

Why Do We Get Ill in Cold Weather?

Because of the shorter days and increased darkness, we get less sunlight during the autumn and winter months. With less vitamin D, we become more susceptible to infections, and spend more time in confined spaces with other people, passing germs easily. We also tend to eat more vitamin-rich food in summer, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than turning to stodgy comfort meals.

The Importance of Vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is important for a variety of reasons. It helps to boost our immunity so we can catch fewer colds. Good natural sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits like oranges or your morning glass of orange juice. You can also find it in broccoli and potatoes. But sometimes, we struggle to get enough vitamin C in our daily diet.

How Can Collagen Help?

Collagen can help with your digestion, allowing you to absorb nutrients more successfully. This alone can help your immunity because you are gaining as much goodness from your meals as possible – and that includes valuable vitamin C. Collagen also helps to repair your internal connective tissues, helping to keep you healthy and strong.

Try Kollo!

Kollo marine collagen is a great choice if you’re looking to introduce a valuable supplement into your routine. Easy to take, this daily liquid tastes tropical and fruity, making it delicious as well as incredible for your health. It is full of B and C vitamins, giving you the support you need to feel better all year round. Perfect to defend against those cold-weather illnesses.

Make Kollo part of your daily wellness routine to give your immunity a helping hand this year.
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