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Are Kollo collagen supplements safe for those with special dietary requirements?

by Natasha Whiting

At Kollo Health, we understand that special dietary requirements can feel like a landmine to navigate - anything can set your allergies off. This can make navigating the world of supplements rather complicated and often means you avoid them altogether. But with slow-growing hair and nails, or fine lines and wrinkles approaching, you don’t want to miss out on taking collagen supplements. Eager to fast track your way to better-looking skin and healthier looking hair and nails? Our experts at Kollo Health want collagen supplements to be accessible for everyone, so we've provided some advice on how to take collagen supplements if you’re diabetic or gluten-free.


Can I take Kollo Health collagen supplements if I’m diabetic?

With diabetes, it's always best to get the opinion of your doctor or dietician when it comes to introducing new foods into your diet, and the same goes for our collagen supplements. However, this is something that we urge you to do because diabetics are more likely to suffer from a faster decrease in collagen levels. Kollo Health supplements can help your body to counteract this. By taking the daily recommended dosage – as long as this lines up with professional advice – our supplements can help slow down the signs of ageing (such as an increased presence of fine lines and wrinkles). As well as this, there are physical benefits to our supplements, including supporting your bone, joint and muscle health.


Can I take Kollo Health collagen supplements if I’m a gluten-free eater?

If you're coeliac or have a gluten-free diet, we have good news for you! Kollo Health collagen supplements are free from gluten, lactose, dairy, wheat, and soy, so you’ll soon be able to reap the vast array of benefits that liquid collagen can have. For more information on whether or not you can take Kollo Health collagen supplements as a result of your special dietary requirements, contact a member of our team today.
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