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Advice on collagen supplements from Harvard Health

by William Milton

Noting the current surge in popularity of collagen supplements, Harvard Health has decided to weigh in on the debate. In a recent article, their publication has explored the hype and the science in an attempt to come to some conclusions about collagen. Well, the team at Kollo Health has looked at what they have to say.

Here are our thoughts about their discoveries along with some extra information about the facts.

What does the article say about collagen?

The post starts by laying out the role of collagen in our bodies. It talks about the role of collagen in our:

  • Skin, hair and nails

  • Tendons and cartilage

  • Bones

But did you know that collagen is also a key component of other tissues in the body? These include artery walls, the lining of the gut, muscles and more. As the post says, collagen levels in our body deplete with age and a number of environmental factors. This is where collagen supplements come in.

Our bodies produce collagen from certain amino acids. Various vitamins and minerals are also key to the process. Supplements contain peptides derived from animal collagen. This can include bovine or porcine collagen, but Kollo health’s supplement uses marine collagen. This is known as the purest and most bioavailable form of collagen you can get.

Does the article look at scientific research into collagen supplements?

In the article from Harvard Health, there is a brief section about studies and reviews into collagen supplementation. It looks at a couple of examples of research into the benefits for skin, including this review and some controlled trials with collagen drinks. However, it ignores the fact that there are actually many more studies and the growing body of evidence gives a strong indication of the many benefits of collagen supplements.

The article is also quite dismissive of the results of the research, using phrases like:

  • It’s unclear if these skin improvements were actually due to collagen

  • Large, high-quality studies are needed

The studies being cited are carried out in controlled conditions adhering to all the correct conditions for scientific research. Thus, the conclusions being drawn should not be dismissed. The results of the many other studies into the benefits for skin, joints, bones, brain health and more show great promise.

What does it say about the evidence for hair and nails?

The article also points out that there are not many studies that indicate the benefits of collagen supplements for hair and nails. This is where our beautiful customers come in! We have over 2,000 5-star reviews at Kollo Health and we actively encourage our customers to share their stories.

We invite you to have a browse through some of the comments and reviews. The before-and-after pictures speak volumes, but there are many stories of customers experiencing improvements in hair and nails. Anecdotal evidence carries tremendous weight – you always read reviews of products before you buy, right? Our customers have lots to day about the benefits. They have experienced improvements in their wellness and help with things like:

  • Menopause

  • Ageing

  • Joint pain

  • Acne and eczema

  • Sports training

  • Weight loss

Comments on whether collagen supplements are worthwhile

This section of the article sheds a little light on how collagen supplements work. Kollo Health’s premium marine collagen supplement is a drink. It is loaded with 10,000mg of Naticol marine collagen peptides. This means the collagen is extracted from fish and broken down using a process of hydrolysis. We do this so that the nutrients are much easier for your body to absorb.

The article points out that these peptides, or chains of amino acids, may not only help form collagen. They might also provide building blocks for hair and nail growth or contribute to muscle growth. And it says these things like they are a negative! Let us tell you something about Kollo Health.

More than just a collagen supplement

We have a mission. Our goal is to help people experience the greatest benefits for their overall wellbeing. We want this for everyone, regardless of:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Sexual orientation

  • Health

Our collagen supplement contributes to this by providing a consistent supply of collagen fuel for your body. The prevalence of collagen in your anatomy makes it crucial to your wellbeing. We aim to help you maintain a healthy level, but we go further than simply encouraging you to take our supplement.

We provide a hefty daily dose of 10,000mg of premium-grade collagen peptides. They have superb purity and integrity. Take this dose every day and you have a huge pool of collagen fuel for your body to draw from. But if your body also uses these amino acids as building blocks for other things in your body – well, that’s a win-win!

Advice for improving skin health

The article tells you to focus on sun protection and use topical retinoids. We don’t feel that this undermines our collagen supplement in any way – we encourage you to do this too! Take a look at any of our posts about a pro-collagen lifestyle, you’ll see we advocate for these things.

We recommend using our collagen supplement as the foundation of this. You complement this with all your efforts with things like:

  • Skin care

  • Hair care

  • Exercise and stretching

  • Diet Sleep

  • Stress reduction

If you don’t take collagen supplements, you are not doing all you can to enrich your efforts. We want to see you maximise your wellness and to look and feel younger for longer. This kind of holistic result requires a holistic effort. It isn’t the hardest change to make, but it IS change. And it will require some work on your part.

Final thoughts on Harvard Health and collagen supplements

We don’t question the fact that there is still lots of room for research into collagen supplements. In fact, we invite that research, because it builds a growing body of evidence for what we’ve known all along: it works! But it doesn’t work in a vacuum; you need to build your lifestyle around your collagen to experience the true benefits.

There is also a final piece of advice from the article that we agree with: quality. Avoid supplements packed with fillers of additives. Look for the source of the collagen and check that it emphasises purity, integrity and sustainability. Check for certifications that demonstrate reliability, and read customer reviews into the products you consider.

Why choose Kollo Health’s premium marine collagen drink?

We use Naticol marine collagen peptides for our product. The emphasis on quality and sustainability are very clear, and the brand has many certifications from bodies like the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). We also have ‘Informed Sport’ certification as further evidence of the rigorous testing our supplement is put through.

There are no sugars, additives or fillers in our liquid supplement. We have won numerous awards and received more than 2,000 5-star customer reviews. In short, you can put your trust in Kollo Health and the premium marine collagen supplement we sell. We encourage you to explore more in our blog and learn everything there is to know. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer them as swiftly as possible.

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