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How collagen can improve heart health

by Natasha Whiting

How collagen can improve heart health

There is nothing more important than protecting and strengthening our heart health. Our heart affects every part of our body and looking after it is vital for all of us, especially as we grow older. When the protein collagen depletes during later life, this leaves our coronary system more vulnerable. It's for this reason that many people opt to take collagen supplements to help keep their ticker in tip-top shape. In our latest blog post, we explore collagen's role in the body, how it can contribute to a healthy heart and how to look after your body with the help of Kollo Health.

What is collagen in our bodies?

Collagen is a protein our bodies create to support growth and structure throughout our lives. You can find 5 types of collagen present in the body: type I, type II, type III, type V and type X. Our bodies create collagen to help with strengthening our bones, skin and heart. However, collagen production starts to slow down rapidly from around your mid-twenties onwards. With this in mind, many people choose to supplement this lost collagen, as a preventative measure to maintain a healthy heart and coronary system.

How collagen can improve heart health

Collagen is a vital protein that our system creates to support various elements and parts of the body. This includes the formation, structure and strength of the arteries linked to the heart. These arteries are vital for keeping a steady flow of blood reaching your heart and contribute to the overall functioning and health of the heart. Many studies have found that by supplementing collagen, arteries are less stiff and more able to carry blood, as well as boost levels of beneficial cholesterol. By taking a daily supplement, you can take an active step towards not only a healthier heart but also stronger bones, joints and skin.

Steps towards a healthy heart with Kollo Health

At Kollo Health we want to provide our customers with a natural way to improve the health of their heart, as well as support the maintenance of their bones, joints and skin. Our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen contributes to boosting your collagen levels so that you can help to keep your arteries soft and supple, which in turn promotes a healthier heart function. This is most effective when done as a preventative measure in early life; however, it's never too late to take a step towards better health. For those past middle age, having a healthy heart is more important than ever. Try supplementing collagen today to support your coronary system and feel young at heart.

Looking to make active steps toward a healthier heart and coronary system? Take a visit to the Kollo Health website to discover everything you need to know about Kollo and to order a pack. A healthy and happier heart is only a click away at Kollo Health, so come and visit us today!

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