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How to treat thin brittle nails

by Natasha Whiting

How to treat thin brittle nails

Brittle nails are actually a medical condition known as Onychoschizia. This condition is caused by a variety of reasons, including old age, too much moisture, cold weather, polishing your nails too frequently, or an underlying health condition. Before you panic and rush to the doctor, here are a few tips on treating thin, brittle nails.

Wear gloves

When nails get wet, they swell, and when they dry, they shrink. If your hands are in water often, this constant change can dry your nails, making them soft and easy to peel. Therefore, to protect your nails, ensure that you wear gloves when washing dishes and doing other chores.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Dry nails are more likely to break, so make sure to moisturise your nails every time you wash your hands. A hand lotion with lanolin or alpha hydroxy acid is best for brittle nails. That said, too much moisture can also cause soft and brittle nails, so avoid using too much moisturiser on your hands.


Staying hydrated is essential for your nail health. Dry nails can become brittle and break, so increase your water intake to help your nails retain moisture and stay healthy.

Pay attention to your diet

Your diet plays a vital role in your nail health. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can cause dry, brittle, and irregularly shaped nails, so to treat brittle nails, you must be more intentional about your diet. Here are a few diet changes that can help strengthen your nails.

  • Eat more protein: Nails are made up of a protein called keratin. Getting adequate protein in your diet will boost your keratin production, therefore maintaining strong nails.

  • Add iron-rich foods: Anaemia or iron deficiency can cause brittle nails. If you are anaemic, incorporating foods such as spinach and red meat into your diet can help improve the health of your nails.

Try collagen supplements

Kollo premium liquid collagen can help transform the health of your nails. Every Kollo premium liquid collagen sachet is packed with 10 g of marine collagen and B vitamins such as B12, which contribute to healthier nails.

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