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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Big Fletch

by Natasha Whiting

Meet Big Fletch

Hi I'm Fletch,  I'm an ex-rugby player and now a keen runner and golfer, as a runner I am currently focusing on the London marathon with hopefully a time around 4½ hrs . I also enjoy running half-marathons and 10ks, along with coaching 7 ladies towards there 1st marathons (Fletch's Angels) 

Kollo Ambassador with Jenni Falconer

Since retiring from rugby I enjoyed coaching at a good level before taking up running, I have completed London once before and I have also completed many halves and 10k runs. 

With the running and golf, I play my body's muscles and joints are used a lot, I did suffer from hip pain during my last marathon and after, speaking with the Kollo team back in 2020/21 I have taken Kollo daily which has made a massive improvement in my recovery and body. I take it daily with also an additional sachet being taken after my runs. 

If you are looking for a recovery supplement that is easy to take either neat or with water, then Kollo is for you. Both Men and Women can take it as the 10g of pure marine collagen along with the Vitamin's B&C work for all. 

Thank you again to Kollo for asking me to be an ambassador for a truly amazing product. 

Fletch x

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