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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Paola

by Olivia Coleman

Hello, I'm Paola Di Lanzo, the proud founder of Paola's BodyBarre. At PBB, I have crafted a fitness experience that combines dynamic Pilates, barre, low-impact cardio, functional movement and yoga. Our goal is simple yet powerful: to create strong, healthy and happy bodies. We offer a diverse range of classes, from our PBB Signature to PBB Peach, BabyBarre, Dynamic Pilates, Level Up and many more. Our classes are always evolving, ensuring that you're never bored and constantly challenged.

Our flagship studio is nestled in the vibrant heart of Fulham, London, and we also offer 23 PBB classes per week at our affiliate studios KXU and KX in London, making our transformative method accessible to even more enthusiasts.The PBB Method has graced 12 boutique studios across London, shaping and honing some of the city's most renowned bodies and bottoms. And now, it's available to everyone, everywhere, through the PBB App which is filled with on-demand classes, weekly live classes, wholesome recipes and all things health and wellness.

What sets PBB apart is the passion and dedication that permeates every class and our studio. I love infusing nuggets of wisdom in my upbeat classes - insights that apply not only to the body but also to life itself. As a mother of three, I understand the ever-evolving nature of our bodies and lives. Health and fitness should never feel daunting; it should always be a source of excitement and inspiration.

I incorporated Kollo Health into my wellness routine earlier this year, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. As someone who unfortunately battles with arthritis, I was searching for relief from joint pain. Kollo Health has proven to be a game-changer in this regard. Being constantly on my feet due to the demands of the nature of my job and being a mom, I also have my moments when I need an extra boost. Since incorporating Kollo into my daily regimen, I've witnessed significant improvements in my energy levels. What's more, my skin, hair, and nails have taken on a healthier and more vibrant appearance as well (no complaints there!)

I wholeheartedly advocate for Kollo Health and love taking it myself. It's not just a supplement; it's become an essential part of my wellness routine.

Follow Paola's journey on Instagram: @paolasbodybarre

Meet Kollo Ambassador, Paola

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