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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Rachel Langrish

by Olivia Coleman

Meet Rachel

Hi there, I’m Rachel Langrish; a 40-year old marathon and ultra-marathon runner!

I have been running marathons since 2011 and ultras since 2013 so lead a very active lifestyle that also involves a lot of travel!  To date I have done 42 marathons and ultras!  After turning 40 in June last year I started to look into taking a collagen supplement as wanted something natural to combat some of the signs of ageing that I had noticed starting since being around 37 such as an increase in fine lines around my eyes.

After doing some research on various collagen supplements, I came across Kollo.  This appealed to me for several reasons including containing 10g of marine collagen per sachet which is the highest on the market.  It is also a key factor for me that Kollo is supported by clinical studies and is fully Informed Sport Certified.  As well as being a product that aids in supporting joint and cartilage health due to the added B vitamins.  This is an added benefit to help support my running training and racing and in turn my energy levels!

I started taking Kollo in July 2022 and after a couple of months I noticed improvements in the reduction of fine lines around my eyes as well a more radiant complexion.  My hair is long and I have a lot of hair naturally but it’s fine in texture and I have noticed it becoming slightly thicker as well as my nails feeling stronger and splitting less. 

I take one Kollo sachet per day and just mix mine with around 150-200ml of water on a morning and drink it like a nice tropical cordial drink.  After taking Kollo for around 7 months then I’m really pleased to be an ambassador for this product as I do believe that it makes a difference to your health and appearance! 

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