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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Siobhan

by Olivia Coleman

I am 63 years old (64 in July) and the author of a book called RETIREMENT REBEL. I’m also a Pro-age campaigner and former BBC Journalist. Since retiring at 60 I got rid of my home and possessions and I have been travelling Great Britain in my motorhome, championing positive ageing and challenging ageism. I was beginning to feel very achy and noticed that my nails were flaking and I just lacked umph! Someone suggested I try Liquid Collagen. I did my research and liked what I saw about Kollo and how it had been tested.

Having taken it now for a year I can definitely feel and see the benefits. My friends can too as they mention how I am glowing. My joints don’t ache as much either. For me Kollo enables me to continue spreading the word about ageing as positively as I can. We only have one shot at this living lark and I am determined to give it my best shot. 

Kollo Ambassador Siobhan

You can follow Siobhan's journey on Instagram @shuvonshuvoff

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