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Meet Tehillah

by Olivia Coleman

Meet Tehillah

Hi, i'm Tee and I am a former competitive surfer and long distance olympic hopeful (for South Africa).

Born and raised in South Africa until the age of 21, my family and I  made the big move to the UK and I now split my time between Fuerteventura, Canary Islands and Cornwall, UK. Coming from a professional sporting background I wanted to share the mental and physical benefits of sport and staying active with others , which led me to study in the health and fitness industry after which I married my two passions of surfing and fitness to create Ohana Surf & Fitness, which offers surfing and fitness holidays and retreats in Fuerteventura and Cornwall along with international trips.

Apart from surf and fitness coaching I am also a sports presenter, motivational speaker and love travel, adventure and discovering new places and cultures even if they are not always surf related. The sea is where I feel most alive but I also love navigating my way down snowy mountains on a snowboard. 

My lifestyle and jobs are incredibly active and its funny how even though I have always been mindful of recovery and supplements as an athlete, busy  schedules can cause me to  sometimes neglect even the simplest of things when it comes to my health and recovery.

I came across Kollo about a year ago from a friend and as I am in the sea and sun pretty much all day for hours on end I thought I would give Kollo a try. I am not sure if it was because my body was in dire need of a product like Kollo and so it just absorbed everything (like a dehydrated plant ) but I noticed results a lot sooner than the recommended time and well…I now can’t live without Kollo . 

I am deficient in B12, so I love that I am able to top this up with Kollo. I noticed improvements in my energy levels, decreased joint pain and a much healthier appearance in my skin, hair and nails to the point where people started complimenting me on my skin, which was when I really got excited! Surfers and skin compliments don’t usually go together. :)

I am so proud and excited to be a apart of a brand that I believe in because I see and feel the results. 

Believe me when I say that apart from my niece, Kollo is the only other ‘thing’ I show and tell anyone I can about :)

Meet Tehillah Kollo Ambassador

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