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The Kollo Ambassadors

Meet Yiolanda Koppel

by Natasha Whiting

Hey, I am Yiolanda, I’m a presenter / voice over artist and a mum of two young boys 💙💙💙

Keeping fit and healthy is so important to me. I love strength training and I’m a keen runner. 

I’ve been using Kollo since August and I’m so impressed! I’ve been wanting to try a marine collagen for a while and as there’s lots out there it was hard to know which to choose. 

When I saw an advert for Kollo on Instagram I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous packaging and reading further about it I wanted to see if the inside was just as good as how it looked on the outside. 

I was not disappointed, firstly I love the orange taste, it’s one thing knowing that something is good for us but if it doesn’t taste nice I’d be less likely to stick to it.

We loose collagen from the age of 25, so it’s important to me to try and add collagen goodness to my lifestyle. 

I knew collagen was good for strengthening hair, nails and adding plumpness to the skin, but what I love about Kollo is the instant glow. In fact it’s one of the things I get complimented on the most. 

Not only a collagen but each sachet contains vitamin c and b12 which is great for my energy levels. 

Since taking Kollo I feel I have more energy, my muscle recovery is quicker and my legs and knees after running ache less!  ❤️

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