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3 best vitamins for breastfeeding mothers

by Natasha Whiting

3 best vitamins for breastfeeding mothers

The need to look after a mother’s body goes way beyond pregnancy, especially for those wanting to breastfeed. And it’s no surprise, considering everything a mum devours can be found in their breastmilk, which is then given to their babies.

So along with having to eat up to 3,000kcal’s worth of good food and drinking a recommended 3L of water per day, breastfeeding mums also need to ensure they are taking the right vitamins to keep themselves and baby well.

Here is our pick of the best vitamins for breastfeeding mothers and pumping mothers alike.

#1 Vitamin C

Why breastfeeding mums need it:

Vitamin C protects cells and keeps them healthy. It also helps wound healing and aids the absorption of iron (1), so breastfeeding mums will be less likely to become anaemic.

Breastfeeding & Vitamin C:

Vitamin C comes in lots of delicious, juicy forms - from oranges and mangoes to sweet potatoes and strawberries. When mums are breastfeeding around the clock, especially during the days of cluster feeding a newborn, vitamin C is key to keeping energy levels up. We recommend having grab and go boxes of fruit in the fridge, ready for those AM feeds. Why not try dipping orange segments in chocolate for a sweeter snack?

#2 Biotin & B Vitamins

Why breastfeeding mums need it:

Biotin is one of the best vitamins to take for post-partum hair loss, which is why a lot of mums take it, breastfeeding or not. However, biotin is water soluble and easily passes through breastmilk. This means breastfeeding mums need to intake more of it.

Breastfeeding & Biotin:

Nuts, seeds and bananas are all rich in biotin. Because breastfeeding mums have limited time on their hands, quick snacks such as these are always handy.

#3 Marine Collagen

Why breastfeeding mums need it:

Collagen has many benefits for breastfeeding mums, such as assisting the healing process and helping to maintain your body’s blood sugars.

Breastfeeding & Marine Collagen:

The quickest and easiest way (and breastfeeding mums don’t need to entertain anything if it isn’t quick or easy!) is in liquid form. To find out about marine collagen supplements that are packed with your essential B and C vitamins and are perfect for breastfeeding mums, visit kollohealth.com today.

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