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3 tips that guarantee maximum collagen absorption

by Natasha Whiting

3 tips that guarantee maximum collagen absorption

Collagen is by far one of the most sought-after proteins, due to the myriad of health benefits it gives. From reducing wrinkles to eliminating fine lines, it is undoubtedly emerging as an elixir if you want to stay young. You no longer have to boil away bone broth for hours to get healthy nails. All you need to do is order marine collagen from a certified supplier and add it to your meal. But how do you ensure you are getting the most from it? Here are some tips to maximise collagen absorption in your body.

Start small

If you are new to marine collagen, you may have doubts concerning your intake. Just like any other protein, start small to allow your body to ease into it. Add half of your daily intake to your morning smoothie and later into your afternoon cup of tea. The collagen’s effectiveness will not be altered but will allow your body to absorb it well. Be consistent with your intake to enjoy prolonged health and keep any wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Identify your end goal

You may be wondering whether to take your premium liquid collagen twice or thrice per day. The answer? It depends on your end goal. Your dosage for daily wellness and improving gut health may differ from that of healthy nails. Consult with your marine collagen provider to identify what works best for you. Remember to give yourself time to enjoy the health benefits of collagen in your body.

Reduce your sugar intake

A little sugar in your drink causes no harm to your premium liquid collagen intake due to its high bio-availability. Large amounts, however, can reduce the absorption rate of the marine collagen. If you want to stay young and reduce your ageing process, go for healthier sweeteners such as honey. The essence of marine collagen is to promote daily wellness, so extend that to your other eating habits.

3 tips that guarantee maximum collagen absorption

Marine collagen has proven to be an essential element that promotes daily wellness and gives you healthy nails, healthy hair, all while eliminating fine lines. Why not try it today for improved health.