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4 signs of a vitamin C deficiency

by Natasha Whiting

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that must be consumed on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet. Having a poor diet, nicotine addiction or health problems can increase your likelihood of being vitamin C deficient. Many people have a vitamin C deficiency but are not able to recognise it, due to now knowing the signs of deficiency. Below we list 4 of the most common signs of vitamin C deficiency.

1. Rough skin

As vitamin C is an essential component in collagen production, many people who suffer from a vitamin C deficiency find their skin is rough and bumpy. A condition called keratosis pilaris can develop due to a vitamin C deficiency, which causes bumps to form on the arms and legs.

2. Bruising

If you are beginning to find you bruise more easily than usual, it may be a sign you are lacking vitamin C. As poor collagen production causes weaker blood vessels, when you have a vitamin C deficiency blood vessels are more likely to rupture under the skin and cause bruising.

3. Corkscrew or ingrown body hair

As a vitamin C deficiency results in defects to the protein structure of hair, one sign of deficiency is body hair growing in an unusual bent or coiled shape. Hair may also be more prone to damage, and fall out more easily.

4. Dry skin

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that ensures the skin in healthy and protected from pollutants. For this reason, a vitamin C deficiency can cause your skin to look dry, tired and wrinkled. Your skin may also be more vulnerable to damage via pollutants, UV rays and cigarette smoke.

What's the easiest way to include vitamin C in my diet?

Whether you are struggling with any of the above symptoms or want to improve the appearance of your skin, one of the easiest ways to introduce a higher amount of vitamin C into your diet is through supplements. Kollo is a liquid collagen supplement that contains added vitamin C, B and essential amino acids. The easiest way to overcome and prevent a vitamin C deficiency is by taking Kollo vitamin C supplements daily.

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