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4 ways collagen could ease perimenopause stressors

by James Midgley

Weight changes, low energy, bone loss, and hot flashes. The symptoms of perimenopause can have a surprising effect on women’s bodies. From their mid-30s, women can begin the menopausal transition. However, experiencing menopause earlier in life can be damaging to your health. Not only are you caring for children, but you are also adapting to career and relationship shifts. Now, your body is dealing with flailing hormones, health issues, and decreasing mental health.

Along with estrogen, our collagen levels decrease during the menopause. Kollo is a daily liquid collagen supplement and an excellent source of essential amino acids. With added vitamins B & C to aid collagen production, Kollo's premium supplements can be a fantastic addition to help you through the early menopause stages.

Strengthens fragile bones

As your estrogen levels drop, your bones are unable to keep up with the speed it takes to replace bone loss. Collagen mostly makes up bone density, and Kollo health is the best collagen supplement to boost bone minerals that drop through perimenopause.

Reduces mood changes

Over the past 15 years, there has been a 45% increase in suicide rates in middle-aged women. Perimenopause has been linked to depression as women are battling daily stressors on top of hot flashes and lack of sleep. Collagen may help to boost brain health and reduce anxiety. One study even found collagen supplements can aid with a deeper night's sleep.

Promotes heart health

Changes to your estrogen levels can also alter your blood cholesterol. Perimenopause doubles your chances of heart disease, decreasing the amount of good cholesterol while increasing bad cholesterol levels. Kollo marine collagen is proven to promote a healthy heart, increasing the levels of good cholesterol by 6% and strengthening your arteries.

Ease vaginal and bladder problems

With your estrogen levels dropping, sex can become painful and you are more vulnerable to urinary infections. Kollo premium liquid collagen will help to naturally balance your hormones and boost estrogen levels. Eating fatty fish is also another way to naturally increase hormones. Kollo collagen contains fish oils, which hold impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

To find out more about Kollo marine collagen supplements and their benefits for perimenopausal women, contact us today.
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