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Are collagen supplements making me gain weight?

by Natasha Whiting

Collagen is the beauty industry’s worst-kept secret. It is in everything, from eye serums to lip glosses – anything that makes our skin look smoother, firmer and age-defying. However, for maximum results, collagen supplements are often taken as they come, be this in tablet or powder form.

As more people begin to understand the benefits of collagen, it's understandable that questions about its effects arise, including whether or not collagen supplements are responsible for weight gain. This is a question our experts at Kollo Health have the answer to, so carry on reading to learn more.

Are collagen supplements making me gain weight?

The short answer here is no, collagen supplements are not making you gain weight. The only way in which it is possible for the human body to gain weight is to take in a whole lot more calories than it is managing to burn off.

Why do people think collagen supplements might be the cause of their weight gain?

This is a common misconception and we believe it may have started simply because collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. After all, it's present in your hair, your nail beds, your bones and your skin, among many other body parts. So it is possible that some people believe by adding more collagen into their diets, they are encouraging weight gain.

Do collagen supplements prevent weight gain?

It can actually be argued that collagen plays a part in preventing weight gain. This is because it supports muscle growth and keeps your metabolism healthy to burn fat. Post-workout collagen also builds up leaner muscles, which in the long term could help you lose a few kilos.

For more information on collagen supplements and weight gain, don't hesitate to get in contact with our experts at Kollo Health today.

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