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Are you lacking vitamin B12?

by Natasha Whiting

Are you lacking vitamin B12?

The human body needs vitamin B12 to function properly and stay healthy. However, vitamin B12 deficiency affects thousands of people across the world, many who are completely unaware that they are lacking a vital vitamin. Lacking B12 not only affects your internal bodily functions, but it can also impact your skin and hair, making them appear dull and lacklustre. To learn more about B12 and how to increase your intake, continue reading.

Why is B12 important?

B12 is essential because it helps to keep blood and nerve cells healthy while also helping to make DNA. The vitamin also prevents megaloblastic anaemia, a type of anaemia that makes people feel weak and tired. If you don’t have enough B12 in your body, then your body will struggle to make enough red blood cells, leading to fatigue.

Symptoms of a B12 deficiency

B12 is most commonly found in animal foods, such as meat, dairy products and eggs. This is why vegetarians and vegans can particularly suffer from a B12 deficiency. However, ageing also makes it more difficult to absorb this vitamin. There are many symptoms that come with lacking B12. These include feeling weak or tired, having pale skin, experiencing heart palpitations, nerve problems like tingling or numbness and vision loss. If you experience any of these symptoms, then a doctor can perform a blood test to let you know if you have a B12 deficiency.

How to increase your B12 intake

If you are lacking B12, it is possible to get your levels back up. One of the best ways to do this is by taking supplements. B12 supplements are widely available and can be taken in a liquid or capsule form. Even if you are not deficient, taking supplements can prevent you from lacking the vitamin and becoming anaemic in the future, especially if you don’t eat animal products.

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