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Can collagen help us cope with menopause?

by Andrew Harkness

As a woman, our body is forever changing throughout our lives but as we get older, we eventually experience menopause. Women start to go through menopause, usually from around the age of 45; however for some we can experience this from as early as our 30s or as late as 55. Menopause can affect us and our body’s in a number of ways. Here’s a few things that menopause could do to your body, just to give you an idea; you could experience weight gain, changes in your skin, changes of moods and hot flashes. Overall, this part in our lives is not usually an enjoyable experience but we have heard through the grapevine that collagen can help make it an easier time to cope with these symptoms.

Changes in our Skin
As we get older and after menopause, we find many changes in our skin more specifically talking we start to see our wrinkles! Type III collagen is the connective tissue we find in our skin, lungs, liver, intestine and the vascular system. It’s been found that type III collagen reduces by nearly 5% during the first few years of menopause. As you can imagine, the effects of this will be that your elasticity in your skin will decrease and your skin will become dryer and cause skin sagging. To ensure the body is absorbing enough collagen, it would help to take a supplement like Kollo to add more collagen to the body for it to increase the collagen production levels. The result of taking a collagen supplement will in time reduce fine lines and make your skin look and feel more youthful.

Changes in our hair
During menopause, some people experience dry and thinning of the hair. We all know that for the majority of us, our hair can do a lot for our confidence at any age; it’s what we have control of, it’s what keeps our noggins warm! Our hair is mostly made up of keratin - keratin is one of the fibrous structural proteins, and collagen contains several amino acids used in keratin building and is the main structural component for making up hair and nails; but of course this reduces with age. Kollo of course gives us more collagen like we need and therefore, more collagen means more keratin and as a result, fuller locks!

Achy breaky bones!
We know that old age brings changes to our body like aching joints and stiffness but just to add to that, are you aware that menopause can cause this too?! Having the correct levels of collagen in our body keeps our bones and joints from aching but with age our body just doesn’t produce as much as we need it to which then causes joint pain. Kollo can help reduce the pain in our joints and can improve osteoarthritis symptoms. There are theories that suggest the consumption of collagen accumulates in cartilage which helps stimulate our collagen production. So please don’t fear menopause and don’t let it be any more difficult than it has to be - Kollo can naturally help keep that mean menopause at bay and make it that little bit easier to experience.

Can collagen help us cope with menopause?

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