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Can marine collagen help psoriasis sufferers?

by Natasha Whiting

Can marine collagen help psoriasis sufferers?

We know that collagen has so many benefits for our skin and how it repairs the skin collagen and the elastin protein fibers. People say how they notice less wrinkles and improved skin hydration after a regular consumption of marine collagen supplement. However, marine collagen has been found to also help treat certain skin conditions like psoriasis. Psoriasis occurs when skin cells are produced too quickly by the body which then results in the immune system accidentally attacking healthy cells. This is what brings out the red and sometimes sore and itchy appearance of psoriasis.

What collagen supplements can do for psoriasis
Now we all know that a collagen supplement wouldn’t cure psoriasis but we do know that it can definitely help with the symptoms involved in conjunction with vitamin C and with the help of a healthy diet involving whole foods that are not processed or refined. Kollo liquid marine collagen alongside many B vitamins also has vitamin C.

If you try to minimise the inflammation in your body by eating things like fish oil, ginger and spirulina and reducing our stress levels it should encourage our skin to heal and regenerate.

For those who live with psoriasis, they have noticed improvements to affected areas after continual use of taking marine collagen supplements. Marine collagen supplements like Kollo are the best source of type I collagen for your body. The visibility of psoriasis may lessen and the severity of it should hopefully reduce. It’s a good thing to be aware too that psoriasis can also affect areas like our scalp. For psoriasis sufferers it can be very unpleasant and at times frustrating leaving sore and red inflamed areas on our scalp, causing it to itch and leave flakes of skin in our hair. This is another reason why marine collagen is so great, as the protein we get from it helps keep our hair and roots healthy and strong.

How much collagen should we be taking?
The recommended amount of collagen we should be taking a day is around 10g. You can take this as a form of tablet or liquid but for more efficient results, liquid is the best method.

Which is the best marine collagen in the UK?
Collagen supplements are becoming so much more popular and as a result of that there are a lot of reputable brands to choose from. However, Kollo liquid marine collagen has been recommended by a vast amount of people who want a trusted brand that can work its magic on other things like healthier youthful skin, fuller hair, stronger nails, aches and pains, gut health and wellbeing! Not to forget that the taste is actually pleasant which tends to be a hard find for people when hunting for a collagen supplement that works for them.

Is it safe to take?
With anything, we have to ensure our body agrees with what we consume. Marine collagen is generally safe to take and is by no means dangerous as it is a natural collagen supplement. If there are any side effects caused, this would be heartburn, feeling full or minor problems with digestion. But overall this shouldn’t cause any serious or long lasting issues. 

Kollo liquid marine collagen has many B vitamins that could help to treat other skin conditions too, like acne, eczema, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged, ageing and dry skin. If you’ve had trouble finding something to help reduce this, why not give it a go and see if you start to see changes.

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