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Collagen and sleep: the ultimate way to achieve a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep

by Natasha Whiting

There is nothing worse than enduring poor-quality sleep. If you have been experiencing insomnia or have suffered from a lack of deep sleep recently, you might have tried various solutions to improve your sleeping patterns, such as prescription medications like sleeping pills. However, there is an alternative method: marine collagen. So, how does collagen help you sleep and could liquid marine collagen supplements be the right solution for you?

It could help you fall asleep more quickly

A 2016 scientific study revealed that collagen supplements could help people to fall asleep more quickly and easily. So, instead of lying in bed and becoming frustrated because you are struggling to fall asleep, marine collagen supplements could help your body and mind to drift off into a restful slumber with significantly more ease.

Collagen to help you stay asleep for longer

Collagen could be exceptionally effective at helping you maintain longer periods of restfulness and sleep so you do not constantly wake up throughout the night.

Sleep more deeply with a collagen supplement

One of the most important parts of your night's sleep is to get good quality sleep. Enduring a restless night of light sleep rather than enjoying the rejuvenating benefits of deep sleep can leave you feeling exhausted in the morning. With a collagen supplement, you could wake up feeling significantly more clear-headed and energised to embark on your productive day.

Could liquid marine collagen be the solution?

By taking 10g of liquid marine collagen every day, you could start to see improvements to your sleeping patterns and the quality of your sleep within as little as four weeks. Our little wonder product is clinically proven and even comes in a handy sachet that you can take anywhere. To purchase marine collagen from a multi-award-winning collagen brand, please visit us at Kollo Health.

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