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Collagen Complete

by Olivia Coleman

Collagen complete

Kollo liquid marine collagen supplements are a daily collagen supplement you can take to help boost the levels of collagen in your body. Collagen levels in humans begin to deplete as early as our 20s, and this is one of the primary causes of the signs of ageing. As we lose collagen in our bodies, we experience gradual changes like:

  • Dry, sagging skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stiff, uncomfortable joints

  • A reduction in bone density

  • Loss of muscle mass

None of us wants to experience these symptoms as we get older, and the reality is that it isn't actually very difficult to mitigate them. It comes down to a few fundamental lifestyle choices. These include improving our diet, avoiding cigarettes and minimising alcohol, limiting our exposure to the sunlight. You can support all this by - you guessed it - taking a collagen supplement.

Enacting all these lifestyle choices together can have a significant impact on reducing the decline of collagen. In turn, this will maintain your youthfulness for longer.

The problem with collagen

One of the reasons our bodies fail to maintain collagen is that it is actually very difficult to get the fuel for collagen production from our diets. Collagen is a protein - one that is very abundant throughout our bodies - so it consists of amino acids. We can only get those amino acids from other collagen sources, meaning we need to consume the bones, skin and scales of animals like fish and cattle.

This is not something we do very often, so those amino acids are very sparse in our diets. Add to this the fact that basic collagen molecules are quite large, making them hard to break down in our bodies. So even if we do consume collagen-containing food, our bodies may not be able to absorb those amino acids to stimulate collagen production. 

A frustrating problem

All this is problematic for maintaining the collagen levels in our bodies. This it is the reason why supplementation has become so important. Collagen supplements generally offer varying degrees of Types I, II and III collagen. They come in bioavailable forms that our bodies can absorb. Kollo is a leading collagen supplement and our award-winning formula has led to amazing results for thousands of satisfied customers.

Benefits reported by verified buyers include:

  • Reduction in skin sagging, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improvements in skin issues like acne, rosacea and eczema

  • Greater suppleness and comfort in joints

  • Increases in bone density

  • Help with weight management

  • Improved energy levels and mood regulation

  • Reductions in feelings of bloating or fatigue/lethargy

These are just some of the many fantastic results our customers have experienced. Kollo has a unique formula and has won various awards in the cosmetic and wellness industries.

So what makes Kollo tick and why do we believe it is the best collagen supplement you could take? Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

What's in Kollo?

Kollo is a liquid supplement provided in sachets containing a 21.5 gram shot of liquid. You can consume it straight from the sachet as a shot or you can add it to a glass of water or another drink to consume it this way. We feel that a liquid form is the best way to consume your daily collagen dose, as it is: 

  • Simple and easy to add to your daily routine

  • Light on the digestive system

  • Bioavailable for swift absorption into the bloodstream

  • Easy to fortify with complementary ingredients to enhance the benefits

High-quality collagen

We carefully chose the collagen content for our supplement after exploring a range of options. We settled on Naticol marine collagen, backed by a number of scientific studies to show its effectiveness. Thus, our belief is that it is the best type of collagen on the market.

First of all, marine collagen was our choice over bovine and other forms. The evidence is that marine collagen generally has the highest purity, with little contamination from chemicals. This is because farmed animals like cows and pigs often consume these chemicals to help prepare them for becoming meat. Some fish farming methods are questionable, but Naticol collagen comes from aquaculture-farmed fish. This ensures its purity (and also sustainability) is very high.

Furthermore, marine collagen is the most bioavailable since the molecules are similar to those found in human collagen. It originates from the skin and scales of the fish, broken down via a process called hydrolysis. This actually transforms the collagen molecules into hydrolysed collagen peptides. These are smaller amino acid chains that are very easy for the body to absorb.

Effectively, the collagen comes pre-digested. When consumed in a liquid, it requires no breaking down so it is very swiftly absorbed into the system. Therefore, it will put minimal strain on the stomach or intestines. 

Every serving of Kollo contains 10 grams of this high-grade Naticol marine collagen. This is generally perceived to be the optimal dosage for the benefits that relate to Type I collagen). With this dosage, you should experience benefits for your skin, hair, nails, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and more.

B Vitamins

To boost the effectiveness of the collagen content in Kollo, we add vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B12 into the formula. These have the following benefits for the body:

  • B1: prevents complications in the nervous system, brain, heart, muscles, intestines and stomach. It also helps with the flow of electrolytes in cells.

  • B5: helps break down fats and carbohydrates to produce energy. Also yields benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and liver.

  • B6: improves circulation and strengthens the immune system as well as promotes healthy brain function.

  • B12: an essential component of DNA creation. Vitamin B12 nourishes the brain and nervous system and facilitates the formulation of healthy red blood cells. Altogether, this injection of B vitamins helps provide the ideal environment for the amino acids in the collagen. It helps to stimulate natural collagen production in the body.

Vitamin C

Another nutrient we add to Kollo is Vitamin C. Without a healthy intake of Vitamin C, our bodies literally cannot form or store collagen. It is also a powerful antioxidant that reduces the rate of free radical damage to our skin. The result of this is a reduction of issues like dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines.


This is the final active ingredient of Kollo. Again, it works to help boost the effectiveness of the primary collagen ingredient. L-lysine promotes collagen growth and increases the presence of healthy enzymes and antibodies. Therefore, it strengthens the immune system and helps your body synthesise collagen in larger amounts.

Natural flavouring

We want to ensure our collagen drink is something you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. As such, we have included a carefully-formulated combination of natural flavourings for a delicious tropical taste. We get hundreds of comments from verified buyers telling us that they love the taste of Kollo. We believe that is a key component of ensuring people are able to stick to their daily collagen consumption.

Though it originates from fish, the collagen itself has a neutral taste, so you don't need to worry about any fishy undertones when drinking Kollo!

An award-winning formula

We are still in the early days of our adventure with Kollo. Nevertheless, we have already received many accolades and awards that really validate our mission. We aim to help people fight back against the symptoms of ageing that occur due to declining levels of collagen in the body. We have won the following prestigious awards for our work so far:

Women's Running: Best in Test for Nutrition

Coming from a running magazine, this award revolves around injury prevention from strengthened bones and joints. It also refers to the increased energy levels and helps with swifter recovery after workouts.

Beauty Shortlist: Best Supplement for Healthy Nails

Nail strength is one of the known benefits of collagen supplements. As such, it was incredibly exciting to come out ahead of the competition and win this award.

Global Makeup Awards (UK): Best Supplement

We won the bronze award here. This reflects Kollo's effectiveness at contributing towards healthier skin, hair and nails in just a few weeks.

Global Makeup Awards (UK): Best Design and Packaging

This was very exciting for us as we have gone to a lot of effort with our packaging and presentation.

Mother & Beauty, Self-Care Category: Commended in the Beauty Shortlist

This commendation was a great honour for us and represents everything we stand for: health, wellbeing and self-care.

Our lovely customers

Whilst the awards are a great honour, it is the love we get from our customers that really says everything about the power of Kollo. We are so proud of our customer reviews section, where over 1400 verified buyers have told us about the benefits they have experienced.

This is what we do it for. This is why we went to such pains to formulate a potent and high-quality product. We want to help make your life better, and we are confident Kollo can do that for you.

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