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Collagen could give you the hair boost you deserve

by Natasha Whiting

Collagen could give you the hair boost you deserve When most people look into using marine collagen for a health boost, they do so for plumper and firmer skin, or the better nail growth that you could get through collagen.

Collagen for Hair

Many people don't consider the way that collagen could refine and boost your hair growth. Read on to find out what collagen could do for your hair.

Strengthen your roots

The amino acids in collagen play a major role in the development of your hair's roots. More specifically, the skin around the roots could receive a boost, strengthening and guarding the very foundation of your hair. This means that collagen could be used to give your hair a thicker appearance and reduce any clear signs of thinning close to the root of your hair. If you've not been treating your hair quite right, collagen could be the key to fixing your thinning scalp.

Slow greying

The colour of your hair is defined by a melanin pigment that is found in your cells. However, over time free radicals can cause damage to your melanin creating cells, preventing melanin production and causing your hair to get more grey. It's been proven that collagen protein is able to target and attack free radicals in a test tube environment, and if they were to do so in melanin-producing cells, you could prevent the damage that causes greying. It's a simple way to try to slow the greying process of your hair over time.

Healthier looking hair with collagen

As collagen protects your hair follicles, all of the hair that grows from them will be of the highest possible quality. This high level of quality isn't just an internal factor relating to cells, but it could make your hair look stunning and lively. With healthier hair, it can be much easier to keep up that stunning shine and keep the sleek texture that you love. With a better look and easier styling, there's no reason to delay your Kollo collagen supplements.

If you're interested in collagen supplements that you can trust, check out Kollo collagen today and see how easy it is to get started.

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