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Collagen lift before and after

by Olivia Coleman

Collagen lift before and after

Collagen supplements yield a range of health and anti-ageing benefits that frequently exceed expectations. Kollo is a high-quality marine collagen liquid supplement that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine for a collagen lift. It is fantastic for optimising collagen synthesis in your body to address issues with your skin, hair, nails, joints, bone density, gut health and more.

We have over 2000 reviews from verified buyers in our customer reviews section summarising some of the real benefits people have experienced after taking Kollo. But what's really compelling is the series of stories in our blogs section where many beautiful women from all walks of life have shared their Kollo journeys, complete with before and after pictures as proof of the benefits they have experienced.

In this post, we will dive into these stories and explore how Kollo has helped women experience benefits that they had almost given up hope of finding.

Cosmetic issues relating to health concerns

First, let's talk about Millie. A young and vibrant woman, Millie was experiencing hair loss relating to anaemia as well as cystic hormonal acne. The problems were causing her confidence to nosedive and she had struggled to find any kind of solution to address the issues.

After taking Kollo, Millie reported that her hair not only grew back, but became glossy and strong for the first time in years. She also told us about her nails being stronger and less brittle than ever and that her cystic hormonal acne disappeared altogether. She generally feels more energetic than ever and has even found Kollo to be a great hangover cure!

Joint comfort

Let's move on to talk about Francesca. This beautiful person was suffering with aching joints that felt stiff and uncomfortable from the moment she woke up. She also struggled with slow recovery after gym workouts.

After getting started with Kollo, she began noticing that her joints felt more supple and she recovered more quickly after a workout. She also reported that she felt full quicker, suppressing her appetite to reduce food cravings and help with weight management. These benefits can be helpful for anyone, but might be particularly appealing for people who are moving through middle age and beyond.

Overcoming skin nightmares

Sophie told us that she had been having problems with her skin for 7 years, starting in her early twenties. She had been prescribed different medications to try and help with her acne, but she had experienced intolerable side effects or found it to be simply ineffective.

After seeing a story of someone with similar problems trying Kollo, she gave us a try and had some incredible results. Her before and after photos cover a period of just two weeks, but in that time the spots on her face almost entirely cleared up! This shows that collagen supplements are not just for people in their 40s and 50s - we can all access the benefits if we need them.

Reports of clearing acne are echoed by Simona, whose skin problems were causing her mental health to decline in her early thirties. Kollo was the latest in a string of collagen supplements for her, as she had found that other products tasted bad, but she loves the taste of Kollo.

Sticking with us, she has experienced drastic improvements in her acne (as the before and after pictures show). She also reports benefits to her hair and nails, and her confidence has gone back up as well!

Help with eczema

One of the most remarkable stories comes from Helen, who has long suffered with eczema. Her before and after pictures tell a story of improvements in that itchy, painful skin condition, but her video sheds more light on the benefits she has experienced.

As you might expect, Helen has tried many things to help with her eczema. She reports that she has had limited results from medication and creams. Since taking Kollo, she tells us that there have been significant improvements in her skin, particularly in that it feels hydrated to a depth that no cream could achieve. The reduction in the discomfort and irritation on her skin has meant she is sleeping better and her overall health is improving as a result. So if you have struggled with eczema or other skin conditions and been unable to find a good solution, try Kollo and see if you get the same kind of results as Helen.

Helping with symptoms of menopause

One of our favourite Kollo stories comes from Melanie, a self-described '45 year old perimenopausal female'. After just two months of her daily shots, she has found that the rosacea on her face, which had completely knocked her confidence, has almost completely gone. She has also found that there has been new hair growth and it needs less washing, and there has been substantial improvement in her nail growth. And let's not forget the anti-wrinkly benefits - it's all there to see in her before and after pictures.

She describes the difficulty she has finding time for self care as a wife and full-time working mum. She decided on Kollo after researching a range of marine collagen products and says she is very happy with her decision, stating that there is "no looking back".

Energy, mood and focus

Another impressive success story comes from Sarah, who tells us that she had been suffering with issues like fatigue, brain fog and poor memory. After just three weeks of taking Kollo, the biggest change she has noticed is in her energy levels - she feels more awake and able to focus at work. All this without even remembering to take her shot every single day!

Benefits for underactive thyroid

Finally, let's take a look at Katie's story. She was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid at the tender age of 19 and suffered with symptoms like fatigue and lethargy, struggling to find anything that would help (including mediation). One of the most uncomfortable symptoms she was having was a bloated feeling in her abdomen.

After just a few days of taking Kollo, Katie found that the bloated feeling in her stomach had gone completely. She also found herself sleeping a solid 8 hours each night (something she describes as "unheard of") and her energy levels throughout the day had improved. At three weeks into her Kollo journey, she was consistently energised and ready to take on her regular workouts each day.

How does Kollo work?

Kollo is a collagen supplement formulated in a liquid that we provide in sachets. You can consume it neat as a shot or mix it into another drink - whichever you prefer. With 10 grams of high-quality, pure collagen in every serving, you get a strong dose of the key ingredient alongside several complementary nutrients aimed at boosting its effect. 

Because of the way the collagen content of the supplement is extracted from the source (fish skin and scales), it arrives in your body 'pre-digested'. This means the large collagen molecules have been broken down into collagen peptides - smaller chains of the component amino acids that are almost exclusively found in collagen proteins. When these amino acids enter our body, they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and immediately put to use, helping our bodies synthesise collagen naturally to feed the connective tissues of skin, bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, intestine, blood vessels and more!

The importance of collagen in the body

As such an abundant protein in virtually every part of our anatomy, collagen is an essential building block of the human body. But the amount of collagen we have, and our ability to create new collagen, declines with age and is also impacted by factors like:

  • Genetics

  • Diet

  • Menopause and other health issues

  • Smoking/alcohol

  • Sun exposure

As such, people lose different amounts of collagen at different ages, usually through no fault of their own. It is extremely difficult to feed our bodies the amino acids they need to synthesise collagen through diet alone, so supplementation is a powerful way to start replenishing your collagen levels and experiencing the collagen lift benefits described by our lovely customers earlier in this post.

Kollo is a high-quality food supplement with the key ingredient of Naticol marine collagen extracted from fish skin and scales via hydrolysis. It is highly bioavailable and comes in a dosage of 10 grams per serving to give you a potent daily hit of collagen in a great-tasting drink.

Final thoughts

If you are suffering from any issues with your skin, joints, energy levels or other things that you have struggled to find a solution for, Kollo could be the answer. If any of the stories from our customers struck a chord with you, we hope you have found some inspiration from their Kollo journeys.

These benefits are available to anyone who needs them. Aside from the anecdotal evidence from our verified buyers, there is a growing pool of scientific research proving the benefits of collagen supplements. We urge you to try it for yourself - follow the instructions and enjoy the results. We are confident you will experience the benefits that thousands of others have.

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