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Common collagen myths debunked

by Natasha Whiting

Common collagen myths debunked

While many people will have heard of collagen, few will be able to accurately explain what it is and how it can help. Here are some of the most common myths surrounding collagen debunked.

The body already contains collagen so there's no need to take supplements

Although it's true that we're born with collagen, and that almost a third of the proteins in our body consist of collagen, we don't have a limitless supply. In fact, collagen production in the body begins to fall from your 20s onwards, resulting in dry skin, wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity and even joint pain. Therefore, boosting your collagen intake with supplements tops up depleting stores as you get older.

Collagen supplements are only for women

Since collagen is associated with promoting healthy hair and skin and reducing the effects of ageing, many people assume that it's a protein supplement that appeals to women more than men. Yet, this isn't the case. Men lose collagen in the same way that women do, with production declining by 1% per year as we hit our middle 20s. Men can benefit from the daily wellness effects of premium liquid collagen just as much as females.

Collagen is only needed for healthy nails, skin and hair

While it's true that many people add collagen to their diet to reduce the appearance of fine lines and give them stronger nails and healthier hair, collagen does more than help you to stay young and look beautiful. Collagen has much wider health benefits and can assist with promoting healthy joints, improve gut health, help with recovery after exercise and may even support cardiovascular health.

All collagen supplements are the same

Collagen is collagen, right? So, it surely doesn't matter what type you take? Wrong! Collagen isn't created equally, so it's important to do your homework when deciding which type to go for. For example, some types are better absorbed than others. Choose a high-quality source of collagen, such as marine collagen, from a trusted and respected supplier.

Collagen is a fad

Although collagen has recently become a big buzzword in the health industry, it's by no means a flash in the pan fad. In fact, collagen has been highly regarded as an important wellness product for many decades in Japan. The reality is, the body needs collagen for many essential functions, and this isn't going to change any time soon.
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