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Could I take collagen supplements while breast feeding

by Natasha Whiting

Making up around 30% of the total protein in our bodies, collagen is vital for our blood vessels and skin. Unfortunately, however, collagen begins to decline from the age of 25, which leaves our skin thinner and more dehydrated. Nutrition is, therefore, important to help skin health.

If you have recently given birth or are breastfeeding, you may feel that your skin is ageing at an accelerated rate and you lack a youthful glow. Read on to learn more about collagen and how it could help to provide women who are breastfeeding with essential nutrients to revitalise their skin.

Benefits of collagen supplements

While there is still room to research further, studies show some potential benefits of collagen supplements, which include:

• Improved skin elasticity
• Wound healing takes place faster
• Healthier hair follicles and scalp
• Reduced joint pain
• Reduced appearance of fine lines

Collagen supplements and breastfeeding

Many women – even breastfeeding women – want to experience the above benefits. But, is it safe for them to take collagen supplements while breastfeeding? After giving birth, a woman undergoes intense physical, hormonal, and physiological changes inside their body.

Breastfeeding women, therefore, need more energy in order to produce sufficient, nutritious milk. While there isn’t as much research that states collagen will offer all this for breastfeeding women, marine collagen could help a breastfeeding woman remain hydrated and could help with the strain on their joints. It’s important for a breastfeeding woman to look after herself. Not only for the sake of her growing baby but to ensure she herself has enough nutrients to recover after giving birth.

During pregnancy, some women experience hair loss and poor hair quality. By taking collagen supplements, you may be able to see the difference in your hair both during pregnancy and post-partum.

Like with any supplement, it’s always advised that you speak with your doctor about your individual circumstance and needs to help you make an informed choice. Browse Kollo for additional information on our Premium Liquid Marine Collagen.
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