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DO NOT buy a collagen supplement until you've read this.

by Natasha Whiting

DO NOT buy a collagen supplement until you've read this.

Due to the many well-established benefits of adding collagen to your daily diet, there's now a diverse range of products available online and in retail outlets which can be massively confusing in finding a trusted brand.

We have put together the 9 things to look for when buying collagen supplements. This will help you to identify not just the right product, but also the best ways to take this invaluable dietary boost to make the most of collagen’s health and fitness advantages. 

1) No unnecessary ingredients
One of the favoured practices of cheap collagen suppliers is to blend the protein with fillers or additives. This means poor value and unpleasant or dangerous chemicals or even metals which you are putting into your system!

2) Quality and supply chain checks
As with any health purchase, there are plenty of providers trying to ride the gravy train without investing in a quality assured version. Cheap collagen can often be a risky purchase!

When sourcing suppliers of collagen supplements, dig down the company’s supply chain, particularly where the collagen comes from. The best providers of collagen also undergo independent approval of their ingredients. This provides customers with a transparent and trustworthy quality promise.

Kollo Quality Checks
3) Clinical studies and potency
Extensive research has been conducted into the ways we can get collagen naturally from the food we eat, and the importance of taking collagen supplements to boost this process. Make sure the products you buy have the potency and quality that matches successful clinical studies. You won’t get the benefits from a ‘watered down’ version.
Kollo Clinical Studies
4) Marine vs bovine collagen
When buying collagen supplements with approved ingredients, the way the protein is harvested matters. Some varieties are from cattle, and the best collagen comes from grass-fed, free-ranging herds.

However, marine collagen is widely viewed as a more assured choice. It comes from fish taken from open waters and therefore is free from traces of pesticides and pollutants. It also tends to be a more absorbable and sustainable source of collagen.

5) Added vitamins
What other ingredients should collagen supplements contain? The primary element should be what is called collagen peptides. However, look out for products that add vitamins and minerals to support the role collagen plays.

 6) Why liquid collagen is better than powder
The amino acids provided by collagen supplements can be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This is especially true of liquid collagen. It tends to pass through your digestive system more efficiently, which is supported by a liposomal, a solution that delivers medicines brilliantly! This is known as a more bio-available form of collagen.
7) Packaging and value for money
Watch for careful marketing ploys, with elaborate packaging that disguises poor value for money. Make sure you are getting a good level of collagen in each sachet or bottle.

8) The importance of branded, certified collagen
One of the best ways to be confident you're buying the right product is to look for leading brands of collagen supplements. These have been tried and tested and will have both customer and healthcare professional testimonials to back them up.

9) Collagen benefits
If you tick off these important considerations when buying a collagen supplement, you’re on your way to maximising its valuable health advantages.  This structural protein supports your entire body. Adding in more to your diet brings positive effects across skin, bones, tendons and muscles. For example, your nails and hair could become stronger and more resilient, muscles will recover quicker, and joint discomfort and pain may reduce.

 You could also enjoy the anti-ageing benefits of collagen, not least as it makes skin more ‘elastic’. It can also balance some menopause symptoms.

Now you know what to look for when buying collagen supplements, there’s no reason to hesitate!  Learn More about Premium Liquid Collagen