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Get rejuvenated collagen shots of Kollo

by Olivia Coleman

Get rejuvenated collagen from shots of Kollo

If you want a rejuvenated body, collagen shots can be a powerful way of fighting back against the early signs of ageing. The decline in collagen is one reason we experience dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles and unexplained joint pain and stiffness. It is an unfortunate natural thing that our collagen levels decrease with age. But it is not impossible to rejuvenate our bodies and restore some of that lost collagen. And, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult to do it.

You can enjoy rejuvenated collagen from shots of Kollo each day, and here’s how it works.

The role of collagen in your body

It’s a common buzzword in the health and beauty industries. Many people have heard of celebrities getting collagen injections to enjoy more youthful looks in their faces. But collagen is actually a protein that is very abundant in the bodies of humans and many other animals. Collagen molecules consist of three chains of amino acids wrapped in a triple helix. The protein is mainly present in connective tissues of the body. Here, it makes up much of the extracellular matrix that provides structure to the cells whilst helping to nourish and protect them. Tissues where there is lots of collagen include:

  • Skin

  • Tendons and ligaments

  • Cartilage

  • Muscle

  • Bones

  • The lining of the intestines

  • Arterial walls

So a drop in your collagen levels can harm the appearance and function of your skin, joints, bones, muscles, gut and even your circulatory system. In a nutshell, we begin to look and feel older, and this starts as early as your twenties. By the time you reach midlife, your collagen levels have decreased substantially. You really start to notice things like fine lines and wrinkles and stiff joints. Things that make the collagen decline even worse include stress, smoking, sunlight exposure, bad diet and menopause.

So collagen is very important to your body, and there is less and less of it available the older you get.

You can rejuvenate your body with collagen shots

As we mentioned, it is possible to restore lost collagen in your body. Collagen supplements provide all the nutrients your body needs to kickstart the production of new collagen. They also fuel it so that it happens efficiently. There is a common misconception that a collagen supplement supplies new collagen and instantly starts to restore your skin, joints and more. The reality is that our bodies do not work this way – they produce collagen themselves, but they need very specific fuel to do this.

Collagen production starts with the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. You need them in abundance to boost collagen production but, unfortunately, they tend to be in short supply in the food we eat. The best source is actual collagen, but the parts of the animals we tend to eat are not abundant in collagen. We would need to be eating the skin and bones of animals to get it, and this is not something many of us do. Supplements are the answer, and the collagen they contain comes from animal hides and bones. Hydrolysis breaks the collagen down into collagen peptides. These are easier for our bodies to absorb. The hydrolysed collagen goes into liquid, powder or tablets so that we can get it into our bodies.

When we talk about having your body rejuvenated with collagen shots, we are referring to liquid collagen. This comes as a concentrated solution that you dilute in water for a convenient and potent drink that supplies you with collagen.

The benefits of collagen shots 

Collagen shots are a great way to get those collagen peptides into your body to stimulate new collagen production. The first benefit of them is that they are very convenient, because it is so easy to add them to water and swallow. Powders have to mix into drinks or foods like yoghurt, requiring more time and effort that is tougher to incorporate into your daily routine. And tablets are often large and ungainly, making it difficult and unpleasant to swallow several of them per day.

This leads us onto the next advantage of collagen shots. The liquid formula can easily contain a high and consistent dosage of collagen peptides. Every shot is identical, while powder may contain an uneven distribution of the ingredients in every scoop. With tablets, the limited physical space in the pill means they contain only a small amount of collagen. It often takes two or more of them to give you the daily dosage you require.

The other key advantage of liquid over other forms is that it keeps the bioavailability of the collagen to a maximum. There is nothing to digest – no powder, food or tablet – so your body can immediately absorb the nutrients and start using them to produce new collagen.

For your collagen levels to be rejuvenated, collagen shots are widely regarded to be the best option available. 

What will happen to my body if I restore my collagen levels with supplements?

We have talked about the early signs of ageing that start to materialise as our collagen levels drop. The good news is that you may be able to slow – or even reverse – these symptoms by taking a high-quality collagen supplement.

Kollo is a leading liquid collagen supplement, or collagen shot. It is carefully developed to maximise the availability and effectiveness of the collagen. We designed it for daily consumption. Over time, you will start to experience the benefits associated with restoring the higher levels of collagen in your body. Kollo supplies those all-important amino acids along with some nutrients known to boost the mechanisms of collagen production. Thus, your body will synthesise new collagen that it puts to work in all the areas of the body.

The benefits of this can include:

  • Restoring firmness and lustre to your skin – this can start happening in as little as 6-8 weeks

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – it takes around 6-8 weeks for this to start happening

  • Increased comfort in your joints – you may begin experiencing improvements in around 2-3 months

  • Restoration of bone density – this occurs after around 10-12 months of consistent consumption of Kollo

  • Improved sleep and increased energy levels – you can start feeling this in as little as 2 weeks

By making you look and feel rejuvenated, collagen shots can give you a new lease of life. You can take action to start looking and feeling younger. Take a stand against the signs of ageing and take some control over an area of life that can sometimes feel out of your hands.

What makes Kollo such a good option?

Development of Kollo involved great care at every step to ensure your body will be rejuvenated with collagen shots. The first decision was the type of collagen to use. We selected marine collagen since the research showed that it contains the most type I collagen and also that it is the most bioavailable. Moreover, bovine and porcine collagen are notorious for lacking purity. This happens due to contamination during farming processes, so marine collagen emerged as the best option to use.

We ensure the extraction and hydrolysis use enzymatic processes to preserve the purity and integrity of the product. We also infuse the liquid with B vitamins, vitamins C and l-lysine, to help further boost our bodies’ ability to synthesise collagen. Combining these nutrients with the collagen itself, we provide powerful collagen shots that shift your body into collagen production mode.

The liquid formulation delivers all the advantages described earlier in this post. You have a highly convenient, easy-to-digest and delicious way of taking your daily collagen supplement. Kollo is a multi-award winning supplement, with countless 5-star customer reviews. We have featured on ITV This Morning and obtained Informed Sport Certification and ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status. Basically, you can put your faith in the effectiveness of our product.

Learn more about Kollo

If you want to find out more about Kollo, look no further than our website. We have a section of customer reviews where you can look at the feedback from thousands of verified buyers. You can also peruse our blog, where you will find information about Kollo, collagen and everything supplementation helps with.

If you still have any questions, we invite you to contact us and speak to our team. We will endeavour to answer your queries. We want to help you make the right decision about whether our collagen shots will help you look and feel rejuvenated.


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