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Beauty Collagen: Have you tried Kollo?

by Olivia Coleman

Have you tried Kollo beauty collagen? For beauty, for sport, for life

Beauty collagen supplements have the ability to increase the quality of our health and lives in numerous ways. This is because a healthy supply of collagen means that vital organs in our bodies can be supported. When creating our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen, we wanted to help a range of people tackle their concerns surrounding beauty, physical activity and overall wellbeing. In our latest blog post, we dive into the world of collagen supplements and take a deeper look at how our innovative Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen can help support you in every aspect of your life.

Why choose beauty collagen supplements?

Your body needs a number of vitamins, nutrients and proteins to thrive and keep you looking and feeling healthy. One of the most important proteins it generates is collagen. Collagen is produced in many different forms to support and maintain the health of your bones, joints, skin and even the coronary system. Collagen is in plentiful supply in youth, however, it starts to decrease the older you get. Past your mid-twenties, the production of this protein drops steadily and slowly each year. It is at this point you may start to notice common signs of ageing, including wrinkles and fine lines as well as pain complaints. You could find you're also more susceptible to illnesses like gout, as you have less collagen to protect and maintain your joints and tendons. It's for this reason that millions of people across the world choose to supplement collagen, to help boost their natural supply. This can serve as a preventive measure in your younger years, or as a way to target direct and current concerns in older age.

How can Kollo Health help me?

If you're experiencing the typical ageing concerns that older age has brought upon you, or perhaps you're looking for a way to maintain an optimum level of health for as long as possible, Kollo Health is here to help you. Our powerful and innovative marine collagen supplement has been created with a diverse range of customers in mind, to tackle all beauty, sporting and wellbeing concerns you may have. Find out more about all the ways the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen can help improve your quality of life:

For beauty

Collagen is a powerful protein when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. This is because collagen is ultimately responsible for the condition and look of our skin as we go through life. When you are young and your collagen levels are high, you have a youthful and radiant appearance. However, as you age, you'll start to notice a duller texture as well as the formation of wrinkles and lines, due to a drop in collagen production. Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen is a natural way to boost your collagen levels and add the glow back into your skin, without turning to expensive facials or plastic surgery alternatives.

For sport

At Kollo Health, we don't just stop at aesthetics. Our customers have found that Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen helps them in their sporting endeavours as well. Collagen helps to support the natural maintenance and repair of your bones, joints and tendons. This makes it an essential protein for those with a regular active lifestyle. By taking our daily collagen supplement, you can not only help to strengthen your body and keep it in peak shape but also avoid and bounce back from injuries and strains much quicker. Our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen is completely safe for professional athletes to use as we are certified with Informed Sport. This means that all of our supplements are tested rigorously under Informed Sport's strict conditioning and SO 17025 accredited methods to follow sporting regulations. No matter if you're a gym buff or pro footballer, Kollo Health is the only health supplement you need to achieve all of your sporting goals.

For wellbeing

If you're concerned about your general health and wellbeing as you get older, you aren't alone. It becomes even more important in later life to make sure you are taking care of yourself and giving your body everything it needs. This helps to avoid common aches and pains, as well as helping to avoid illness and deterioration of smaller ailments. A daily dose of collagen can improve your overall well-being by supporting your internal organs, bones and tendons, but did you know collagen can also help your heart? This protein maintains the arteries that carry vital blood flow to your heart. The possibilities that collagen supplements possess really are limitless and can help to give you peace of mind that you're doing everything to stay healthy as you grow older.

What is marine collagen and what makes it unique?

Here at Kollo Health, we use a very special ingredient in our collagen supplement, and that is marine collagen. This specific form of collagen protein has been found in some studies to be the most effective compared with other bovine collagen supplements on the market. Read on to find out all about marine collagen and why we can't get enough of it here at Kollo Health.

Closest protein to what our bodies naturally produce

One of the main benefits of marine collagen is that it almost matches the protein we produce naturally in our bodies. This means it's easily recognised by the body and absorbed, so you get a higher dose of the protein. Overall, this means you are more likely to see the benefits of marine collagen, as opposed to other collagen alternatives.

A sustainable beauty collagen alternative

Marine collagen is sourced from the skin and scales of fish, unlike most collagen supplements which are sourced from cows or other mammals. At Kollo Health, we are proud to take a sustainable stance with our collagen supplements, by only sourcing ethical marine collagen from fish farmers who take significant steps to preserve fishing waters for future generations.

Suitable for a range of diets

Bovine collagen supplements can be very restrictive to certain diets. For example, you may not be able to consume cow products for dietary, cultural or religious reasons. Marine collagen provides a unique alternative so that a diverse range of people are able to feel the incredible effects of a daily collagen supplement. At Kollo Health, we wanted to make our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen as inclusive as possible.

Your guide to our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement

So how exactly does the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement work? Getting your daily dose of high-quality marine collagen couldn't be easier. Find out more about the process below:

The perfect daily dose of beauty collagen

Within each order of Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen, you receive a 14-day supply of sachets packed full of our marine collagen and vitamin blend. Within this incredible formula is 10,000mg of pure marine collagen, which is your optimum daily dose, so there's no need to worry about sourcing more collagen elsewhere.

Mix it in with your drink

Consuming collagen has never been easier. Say goodbye to hard-to-swallow pills or collagen drinks packed with artificial colouring and flavours. Simply mix one sachet of Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen into your drink, or even take it with food by mixing it into yoghurt. Our supplement has a delicate and natural fruit flavour, so taking daily collagen is simple and tasty.

Notice results in under 5 weeks

At Kollo Health, we know the importance of quality and quick results when it comes to health supplements. We are proud to share that many of our customers reported noticeable results from our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen in under 5 weeks. However, please note that everybody is different and it can take up to 12 weeks to feel the benefits of our marine collagen health supplement. To read more first-hand accounts of customers who have tried and loved the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement, check out the review section on our website.

Take it consistently

In order to feel the full effects and benefits of marine collagen, you should take your supplement on a consistent basis. You never have to worry about any adverse effects of prolonged supplementation, it is completely safe to take for even years at a time. 

Your ultimate beauty collagen supplement with Kollo Health

There truly is no better collagen supplement than the one we have crafted here at Kollo Health. To find out more about this innovative health supplement and order your first box today, get in touch and speak to a member of our team.

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