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How collagen can help with IBS

by Natasha Whiting

How collagen can help with IBS

IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, is quite a common condition. Most people who have IBS symptoms will try anything for a respite - and it can feel like nothing ever works. There are no miracle cures to treating IBS, but there are some things that certainly can help. Read on to find out why collagen is one of them!

Our bodies make collagen on their own. However, they only make a certain amount, and as we get older, we tend to make less. This means that if you are past the menopause or are older than 50 and suffer with IBS, you might want to seriously consider adding a collagen supplement to your diet. Even if you are younger, you may also find that collagen benefits you. Here's why!

Marine collagen helps digestion

Collagen helps the digestive process because it is attracted to acidic molecules and water. It processes them to help water and stomach acid move smoothly through the digestive system, and assists the breaking down of food in the intestines. Most people with IBS struggle with digesting at least some foods, and collagen can really help with this.

Collagen helps soothe damage to the stomach lining

If your stomach or intestine lining is damaged, collagen can help it to repair and heal. Collagen promotes the building of new cells to help these body parts heal; so having some extra collagen in your body will help your stomach repair easier, and hopefully, you'll end up with less inflammation!

Collagen contains amino acids

Collagen can help a lot with digestion alone, but it also contains glycine and proline, two amino acids, which are two of the most important substances for healthy digestion. Kollo is the best collagen supplement and it contains lots of essential amino acids that are great for digestion.

As you can see, the health benefits of collagen are huge when it comes to IBS. If you want to take a supplement that will aid digestion and promote good gut health, collagen certainly provides. Kollo also provides supplementation of various vitamins and minerals, so it's great for your general health too!
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