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How collagen can improve your immune system

by Andrew Harkness

How collagen can improve your immune system

Collagen is packed with amino acids which are essential to strengthening the body’s immune system. For years Vitamin C has taken the spotlight in immune building, and whilst this is still essential for immune health, the benefits of amino acids have been widely overlooked. They are essential protein building blocks that the body cannot self-produce and therefore has to be provided through food and supplements.

L-lysine is an essential amino acid that is added to Kollo’s marine collagen. It assists in the production of antibodies which are essential in fighting off disease. Many other amino acids share the same credibility in their influence on the creation of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a form of white blood cell which the body uses to fight infection. Amino acids such as Glutamine and Cysteine have large impacts on the production and growth of lymphocytes. Glutamine is essential for the creation of the cells, and Cysteine is imperative for the development of them. Whilst some amino acids are more effective for immune strengthening than others, they all play a role in the strengthening of the immune system.

One of the more interesting ways it can improve your immune health is through the bettering of your mental wellbeing. Phenylalanine assists in the production of dopamine which is associated with rising levels of endorphins in the body. Not only do endorphins reduce stress and act as a mood booster, but they also help strengthen the immune system in a more direct way, signalling cells to fight disease. Tryptophan works in a similar way to Phenylalanine as it develops into serotonin which helps with boosting your mood as well as your ability to sleep (a good night’s sleep also assists in developing a positive mindset). Those with improved mental health have been proven to have a lowered risk of catching diseases.

A healthy immune system is such an imperative part of daily wellness. Especially with the rise of Coronavirus, we should all be looking at ways to help our body fight disease and stay healthy.

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