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How collagen can make you a stronger runner

by Natasha Whiting

How collagen can make you a stronger runner

Whether you run casually simply for exercise, or treat it as a serious, competitive sport, anybody who slips on a pair of running shoes is always looking for that edge to make them, better, fitter and stronger.

That’s where marine collagen and running meet: taking a collagen supplement can help improve your physical fitness in various ways. Here’s how:

1: Collagen can reduce inflammation and joint pain

Runners know full well that joint pain – especially your knees – can be a constant companion, especially for longer-distance runners. But with a collagen supplement such as Kollo, you can help to look after the condition of your cartilage, which is what protects your joints from inflammation and pain.

In fact, an extensive medical trial conducted in 2008 showed that a regular collagen supplement decreased athletes’ experience of joint pain both while active and at rest.

2: Collagen can boost muscle mass

Collagen is an important protein when it comes to your muscles. In fact, it can make up to 10 per cent of your muscle tissue and is crucial in keeping it strong, flexible and healthy. There is also some evidence to suggest that collagen supplements can actually help promote the growth of muscle following a workout.

3: Collagen can give you a stronger heart

Whether you’re pounding the pavement of your local area or chasing personal bests on an athletics track, your heart is the engine that runs your body, and it has to work hard when you are out running. So you need to keep it in tip-top shape.

Collagen supplements can help here, as collagen helps maintain the condition of your arteries, keeping them strong and flexible. By avoiding the deterioration of the condition of your arteries, you are helping to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

So, why Kollo?

Kollo is a daily liquid collagen supplement. It’s been developed to help make healthier skin, hair and nails, plus keeping your joints and bones healthy. Backed by science, Kollo is an excellent source of essential amino acids, plus added vitamins B & C, to aid collagen production.

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