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How Kollo liquid collagen can help alleviate the symptoms of adult acne

by Andrew Harkness

Acne is a skin condition that is synonymous with teenagers following the onset of puberty. It is unsightly and can have a profound impact on self esteem during what is already a difficult stage of life.

For people who suffer from acne as a teenager, the extremities can vary from moderate to intense. In the worst cases, some spots are so stubborn that they can leave visible scarring on the face and neck for life.

The condition does have a tendency to return in some people a number of years later, forcing them to go through the same heartache, and face-cleansing processes, all over again. For those fortunate enough to have avoided acne during their adolescence, it can come as a terrible shock to see it appear in later life.

Adult acne can come as a shock:

Unfortunately, adult acne is more common than some might think. Approximately 3% of adults over the age of 35 in the UK have some degree of acne. The reasons for late onset of the condition can be related to stress and bad diet among men and women, while some women also break out in spots during their menstrual cycle.

It is impossible to predict when acne will rear its ugly head, but measures can be taken to lessen its impact when it does arrive.

Scientifically recognised to contain a variety of health benefits, Kollo is a liquid collagen supplement that contributes significantly towards healthier skin. It won't make acne go away all by itself, but by taking the recommended daily dose, your skin will be far better equipped to stand up to it.

Powerful when taken alongside a healthy diet:

Also noted for strengthening bones, nails and hair, Kollo is at its most effective in the battle against adult acne when taken in conjunction with a balanced diet as well as traditional face-cleansing techniques used in the treatment of spots.

Sustained usage of Kollo collagen will ensure that your skin becomes more vibrant and stands up to acne, should it threaten to make another unwelcome appearance on your face at a later date.
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