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How long should you take marine collagen?

by Natasha Whiting

How long should you take marine collagen?

Marine collagen is an ideal alternative collagen supplement for those looking to tackle a range of health and ageing concerns. This is because it is the closest form of collagen you can get to what is naturally produced in the body. There are countless benefits that taking marine collage daily can produce, but if you've never taken supplements before you may not be aware of how they work. For example, how long you should take marine collagen to feel the full effects. In this blog post, we cover the role that collagen plays in the body, all the benefits of marine collagen supplements, how long you should take marine collagen to see the best results and introduce you to the leading supplement from Kollo Health.

What is collagen?

Our bodies produce a range of different proteins to support our overall health and development, and collagen is one of them. Collagen is made in various different forms that all help to build, repair and maintain various parts of the body. It is an essential protein that our bodies make in plentiful supply during youth.

What role does it play in the body?

Collagen work to support the maintenance of your skin, bones, joints and connective tissue. It helps to not only keep them performing well, but also helps with repair after injury or strain. The higher your levels of collagen, you may notice that your body is able to bounce back from damage quicker.

Does the body ever stop making collagen?

The body makes collagen from the moment we are born, as this is essential in the formation and growth of our bones, joints and skin. This collagen is produced in plentiful supply throughout our younger years; however, it slows as we age. From your late twenties, you will begin to see a significant drop in the collagen your body naturally produces. This is why in older age you may notice fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, as well as more common aches and pains in your joints. It's for this reason that many people choose to supplement collagen to help keep their body and overall health in good shape.

What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen is a specific type of collagen that is sourced from fish. The protein is procured from their skin and scales. It is then hydrolysed and used in the form of a health supplement. One of the main reasons this collagen is sourced for use in supplements is that it very closely resembles the protein our bodies naturally produce. This means that our bodies find it much easier to absorb as the protein is easily recognised, unlike some other standard collagen supplements. Typically, other protein is sourced from the bone marrow of animals like cows.

What makes marine collagen unique?

Marine collagen is unique from other collagen sources because it comes from fish, whereas historically collagen protein has always been sourced from cows. Many people consider this a healthier and safer alternative, as fish is healthier than consistently consuming red meats. It also avoids the possibility of common mammal diseases, like mad cow disease. Marine collagen has also been found in some studies to be more effective than bovine-sourced collagen in triggering the natural production of collagen throughout the body. Marine collagen is the star ingredient of our beloved Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement here at Kollo Health.

Benefits of marine collagen

There are many benefits that you could find from taking a daily dose of high-quality marine collagen. If you're looking to tackle the signs of ageing, reduce chronic pain or even find a more sustainable approach to health supplements, the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement is perfect for you. Find below just a few of the benefits to the regular consumption of marine collagen:

A sustainable collagen supplement

One of the primary reasons people choose to supplement with marine collagen specifically is because it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. For example, the marine collagen we use in creating our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement is sourced from ethical fishing waters, that promote sustainability within fish farming. You can feel peace of mind when taking our supplements that you're helping to contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Works for a range of diets

Due to the fact that many collagen supplements use the protein from cows within their formulas, this can restrict people from taking them for a number of dietary reasons. Whether you don't consume the by-products of cows for dietary, religious or cultural reasons, it can make things tricky when wanting to use collagen to help with a range of health complaints.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

When looking to fight the common signs of ageing, marine collagen can help to bring a youthful glow back to your face. Due to the fact that collagen production reduces as we age, by choosing to take supplements you can help improve skin elasticity and also boost moisture retention to keep your skin supple.

Helps to relieve aches and pains

By increasing the amount of collagen in your body, you can also help to fight common aches and pains that come with old age. This typically occurs due to a limited collagen supply being able to repair damage to joints and bones effectively. Daily collagen supplements are used by many as a preventive measure, as well as to help ease pain symptoms for illnesses like gout and arthritis.

How long does it take to see the benefits of marine collagen?

When beginning your marine collagen supplement journey, it's important to be aware of a time frame in which you could start to see results, as this helps you manage your expectations and track your results. Health supplements always take a little while to settle into the body and begin to work. However, the Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement has helped out customers see results in only four weeks. It's worth noting that these results can vary depending on the person, and for some people, results may take longer than others. For example, it could take around twelve weeks for some people to see effective results from taking collagen daily.

How long should you take marine collagen for?

Marine collagen will be the most effective when taken consistently over a sustained period of time. This is because it helps to produce a consistent collagen turnover within the body. There are no negative health effects to taking too much collagen or for too long of a time period. Include collagen supplements as a part of your daily routine from about your late twenties as a preventive measure. Make sure to be consistent with your does, remembering to take the supplement every day to see the best results.

The ideal dose of collagen

You don't have to worry about ever taking "too much" collagen, as this will have no adverse effects on your health. There is however a recommended maximum daily intake that many doctors don't recommend going over, and this is 30,000mg per day. You can have peace of mind in knowing you're getting the perfect dose of high-quality collagen every day with the This makes our Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement, which features a 10,000mg dose in each sachet.

Are there any side effects to taking marine collagen?

The great thing about marine collagen is that there are absolutely no recorded side effects. This means that you can take these supplements consistently, and for long periods of time without having to worry about it negatively affecting your overall health. If you are currently on any other forms of prescribed medications, always consult with your doctor before starting to take collagen daily. This is to ensure that the ingredients used in the supplement won't affect the effectiveness of your medication or cause adverse effects. Likewise, if you have any food allergies, always carefully read the formulas of collagen supplements to make sure nothing is included that could trigger a reaction.

Feel the benefits of a daily marine collagen supplement with Kollo Health

Kollo Health is storming the health supplement market with our quality and effective Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement. We have looked to create the perfect collagen supplement for all, with a unique blend of the highest-quality marine collagen and vitamins and nutrients that contribute to optimum health. Find out even more about our famous Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen supplement and check out some of the rave reviews from our customers who have felt the benefits of our supplement in under 5 weeks, take a trip to the Kollo Health website today.

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