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How to bring back your skin’s natural glow

by Natasha Whiting

Collagen plays an essential role in biological function. It is the protein that forms the structural framework of a person's skin. But it's not just crucial for good skin health. It contains essential B vitamins including B, B1, B5, B6 and B12, all of which support the healthy function of other body parts such as tendons and joints, bones and muscles.

Your body’s collagen production capacity dwindles every year

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein. In other words, our bodies manufacture it if we eat and drink healthily and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies' capacity to produce collagen lessens by approximately 2% per annum.

Other things interfere with collagen production; things like exposure to the sun, and pollution in the air that we breathe.

What happens as collagen reserves become depleted is that fine lines begin to appear in your skin, and it loses its natural radiance; your nails become more brittle and your hair thins. These are all indicators that you would benefit from Kollo marine collagen.

What collagen research shows

Research has shown that of all the collagen supplements on the market today, marine collagen ranks highly when it comes down to replenishing your body’s natural collagen reserves and promoting the growth of fibroblasts (, a type of cell essential for collagen production and skin health.

Bring back your skin’s natural health and glow

Kollo premium liquid collagen helps to revive skin and bring back its natural glow by getting essential amino acids to it quickly. When taken daily, it can delay the signs of skin ageing by plumping out any fine lines, returning elasticity, which in turn supports the firmness and natural glow of your skin.

Another useful side effect of regularly taking Kollo marine collagen is that it can assist in reducing any cravings for sugar and carbs. It can do this because each time you drink it you are ingesting protein.

The great taste of Kollo liquid collagen

We all want to stay young-looking and keeping your skin's natural glow is essential to that aim. Introducing our collagen supplement into your daily health and fitness regime will help, and fear not. The Kollo liquid collagen taste is amazing.
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