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Not easy getting older? Old news!

by Natasha Whiting

Not easy getting older? Old news!

It wasn't always easy getting older as a woman. We turned 40 and were expected to fall off the earth. We sat on a shelf, gathering dust and pity in equal measure. If we had children, they were leaving us and our nest empty, if we didn't, we were barren and crone like. Our husbands were searching for younger models and our lives were used up, dried up and pointless. "Life begins at 40" was something we said so we didn't drown ourselves in a vat of Lambrini.

40 is the new 20

These days 40 is the new 20; we are running marathons, choosing our careers along with our partners and looking good doing it. The market is flooded with anti-ageing products, our hair, skin and nails have never looked better. Confidence is sold to us, wrapped in a bow made of colour match foundation and covering our greys. We look fantastic, but it all feels a little external.

Beauty from the inside

Beauty was meant to be something that came from inside of us, not slapped on, and somewhere down the line we forgot this. Maybe, just maybe, there is room for a dual approach. Something that makes us feel good inside and look great outside. Something that means we can take on the world, its outdated ideas about what a woman in her 40s is, and look good doing it.

Yes, our bodies may be starting to let us down, perimenopause is no joke, neither are aching joints. We never used to make that noise getting out of a chair, did we? This is where Kollo collagen supplements can play a part in taking back control.

Why Kollo?

Full of amino acids, the very building blocks of the body, Kollo works with your body, encouraging the production of natural collagen, to bring you stronger hair and nails, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, stronger bones and joints and alleviates the stresses of perimenopause and menopause. With added vitamin b, vitamin b12, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, vitamin b1, and protein, taking Kollo supplements is something we can do for ourselves. And what is more empowering than that for a woman?
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