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Peptan vs Naticol Collagen

by Olivia Coleman

Peptan Collagen vs Naticol Collagen

We're all familiar with collagen, the latest skincare supplement that's taking the health and beauty world by storm. The most abundant and important protein in the human body, collagen gives us the flexibility, strength and structure to move.. It enables us to move freely, protects our body, helps keep joints supple and boosts skin radiance, hair lustre and nail strength. The most common collagen in the human body is Type I collagen, keeping our skin, ligaments and tendons in peak condition. But what's the difference between Peptan vs Naticol collagen? Read on to find out more.

Why do we need collagen supplements?

Natural collagen makes up 33% of the body's total protein. We have 28 different types of collagen in our body, with more than 90% being Type I. It is vital to maintain the skin's elasticity and strength.

However, the natural production of collagen starts to slow down by the time we're in our mid-20s. The decrease in collagen continues for the rest of our life. Women in the first five years of menopause suffer a loss in collagen production capabilities of up to 30%.

This is why a lot of people choose collagen supplements to help keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

What different types of collagen are available?

There are many different collagen supplements on the market, but the main ones people tend to use are bovine collagen and marine collagen.

Bovine collagen can come from the byproducts of animals such as cows, bison and buffalo. When the collagen has been extracted, it is often dried and powdered to create a tablet or capsule that is ingested.

Marine collagen is the newer of the two. As its name suggests, it is made from collagen protein sourced from fish byproducts. Marine collagen is a rapidly growing market, according to research. Public demand has grown after a series of scientific studies were published on its effectiveness.

It is lauded for its high collagen content, while it is easily absorbed by the body. It is also considered a more eco-friendly, sustainable product than bovine collagen.

Marine collagen is also available in different forms, such as tablets, powder or liquid. It is preferred by people who can't use bovine collagen for religious or ethical reasons.

Research is being carried out continually into the results of using marine collagen supplements. Many studies agree they may help delay the signs of ageing, combating a loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and joint issues. This has led to leading cosmetics and health supplement manufacturers recognising the benefits of collagen in beauty regimes.

Peptan Collagen vs Naticol Collagen

There is also much debate about the benefits of Peptan collagen vs Naticol collagen. Peptan collagen peptides were first showcased by Rousselot Inc, of Mukwonago, United States, in edible form in a mango smoothie.

Peptan contains the bioactive peptides which are highly concentrated in our skin's essential amino acids. The body can easily absorb Peptan on a daily basis. Research has found it may stimulate the production of collagen by the skin cells themselves, helping to maintain youthful skin.

Naticol is Weishardt's range of exclusive natural marine collagen peptides. It's a high-quality and well-researched marine collagen supplement, produced by a unique enzymatic hydrolysis process. Scientific studies support Naticol’s claim of unique biological benefits to improve collagen production and reduce inflammation.

Marine collagen can be added to tea, coffee or any other drink in powder form without affecting the taste of the beverage. It can also be consumed in liquid form in purified water, juice, a shot or a smoothie.

Research shows there is no nasty or fishy taste to Naticol. As you would expect with high-quality marine collagen, all the fish oils are removed during processing, so it simply tastes better than some other collagen brands.

Why people choose Naticol collagen

Apart from the obvious advantage of Naticol collagen - its superior taste - there are tons of clinical studies on the benefits of it. Kollo Health uses Naticol, basing its decision on the scientific studies that suggest it's simply better than its rivals.

With more than 2,000 consumer reviews of Naticol online, it averages a five-star rating on many sites. Kollo describes it as a "secret weapon for the ultimate skin nutrition" - and it's easy to understand why when you read all the good things people have to say about it.

The general consensus on this premium liquid marine collagen is that it can improve skin radiance and help promote an overall healthy feeling of wellbeing. Studies have seen it helps to sustain healthy bones, cartilage and joints and aids muscle recovery.

Why is Kollo collagen so popular?

Every batch of Kollo is stringently tested for banned substances under the Informed Sport programme. This ensures the product has no contamination, providing complete peace of mind for consumers. The Naticol used by Kollo creates premium liquid marine collagen that supports a healthy body.

The Kollo liquid collagen sachet, packed with 10g of top-quality marine collagen, also contains Vitamins B and C to ensure its unique formula supports full-body health for men and women.

In clinical research, participants who took Kollo daily for 12 weeks said it had improved their skin, hair and nails, while also aiding joint, bone and cartilage function. As well as being backed by science, Kollo is also officially certified by Informed Sport.

Why do many people prefer Naticol to Peptan?

Naticol can counteract the formation of deep wrinkles, as it has been studied in clinical trials for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and counteract sagging skin. This well-researched marine collagen can help combat the deterioration of natural collagen fibres that support our body's tissues.

Tests have also shown it can increase skin hydration. Kollo products containing Naticol collagen provide essential amino acids, the building blocks in proteins and peptides. According to scientific research, amino acids play a key role in maintaining skin suppleness, hydration and resilience.

Naticol collagen can also improve skin radiance, helping to protect the skin from the damage of free radicals. It can also help to inhibit melanin production to encourage a radiant and even skin tone.

Kollo liquid collagen contains vitamins, including 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamins B12 and C, plus 70% RDA of Vitamins B1, B5 and B6. These can also help to improve the formation of collagen for cell renewal in the skin, cartilage and bones.

Collagen is an important component of the cartilage tissue that covers joints and the ends of bones, enabling them to move smoothly against each other. In clinical studies, participants who ingested Kollo’s liquid marine collagen experienced a noticeable reduction in joint pain after taking it every day for four weeks.

What's the verdict on Peptan collagen vs Naticol collagen?

In the battle between Peptan collagen vs Naticol collagen, it's pretty much an equal playing field in terms of how they are ingested and absorbed by the body. However, in terms of consumer reviews and clinical studies, there are so many positive results for Naticol collagen, it's hard to ignore its rapid rise in popularity in recent years.

The experts at Kollo recommend taking a minimum of one to two scoops of marine collagen per day to reap the rewards. Clinical research shows that when participants have ingested it daily for 12 weeks, they have reported significantly healthier skin, nails and hair and better joint and cartilage function.

Results from a 2018 study published in the Juniper Online Journal of Case Studies concluded even taking just 2.5g of Naticol each day may visibly reduce the signs of ageing in skin.

At the end of the 12-week study period, the participants noticed significant improvements in skin elasticity and firmness. They also experienced a 16.5% reduction in wrinkles and crow's feet, while they reported more hydrated, brighter skin.

The Type I collagen contained in Naticol marine collagen is easily digested and absorbed as a dietary supplement. It contains no artificial colours and is odourless, making it the first choice for thousands of people hoping to turn back time.



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