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Problems with acne? Why collagen could be the answer

by Natasha Whiting

Problems with acne? Why collagen could be the answer

No matter who we are, we all want the best we can have from our skin, and will do what we can to get it. To achieve that firm, glowing complexion we want is hard enough, but when acne is also a problem, this may seem just too far away. However, could collagen be the answer to these problems?

What is collagen?

Produced naturally by the body, the protein collagen is vital for our general health. Used by bones, the skin, and ligaments, as well as to repair tissue, collagen is as important as anything our body provides us. Unfortunately, as we age, our body slows down the rate at which it produces collagen. This is hard enough, but when coupled with an acne problem, a supplement could be the best option.

What does collagen do for acne?

Acne is where an area of our skin has clogged pores. Bacteria build up around the pores, and the tell-tale signs of inflammation, redness, and swelling are there for all to see. Bad enough? Then the area starts to itch and the problem can get even worse, and our skin can be left with scars and sores.

Step in collagen. Collagen is a crucial protein for the skin to start to clear wounds and scars. It helps scar tissue to be repaired, reducing the visible signs of acne. Collagen is also rich in the amino acid glycine. Glycine is a known anti-inflammatory, so also helps ease the symptoms of acne.

Collagen has been used as a wound dressing for a long time now, especially in treating burns. It not only acts to help repair and build new tissue, but it also has antibacterial properties. So it is little wonder that it can help treat the effects of acne!

How can I boost my collagen levels?

The daily liquid supplement, Kollo combines marine collagen peptides and vitamins required to maximise the amount your body can absorb. Backed by science, Kollo not only contains extra collagen but also vital vitamins B and C, which are there to help boost natural collagen production.
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