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The dos and don'ts of treating acne

by Natasha Whiting

Anyone who has struggled with acne of any kind, whether that's a few hormonal spots or a severe case of breakouts, will know that there's no quick fix. Contrary to what many think, acne is not caused by 'dirty skin', but is a skin condition that needs to be treated with a careful, targeted approach. If you're struggling to get a clearer complexion, here are the skincare dos and don'ts.

DO take supplements

Taking supplements can have a big impact on treating acne, especially marine collagen.

Collagen is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which, alongside a dedicated skincare regime, can help to reduce the appearance of breakouts. Marine collagen is also extremely effective in repairing post-acne scarring. Thanks to its ability to maintain structure in the skin, collagen can help to smooth the appearance of those indented scars left behind after an acne breakout. Your daily dose of collagen will assist in your journey to smoother, clearer skin.

DON'T go to bed without taking off your makeup

Thoroughly cleansing your skin at the end of the day will help to remove any makeup and SPF. Not taking it all off can result in clogged pores and more blemishes. Don't be tempted by harsh, foaming cleansers; you don't want your skin to feel dry and tight.

DO use salicylic acid

This exfoliating acid goes deep into the pores, sloughing away excess sebum, dirt and anything else blocking your pores. It's brilliant for clearing both red spots and blackheads. Use daily after cleansing and watch your skin become clearer, brighter and smoother.

DON'T keep changing your products

Unfortunately, there's no quick fix to treating acne, so you won't see results overnight. Unless your skin really isn't getting on with a product, stick with it for at least 6 weeks to really start to see the effects.

On top of its advantages for acne-prone skin, collagen is an all-around health and beauty supplement that offers a multitude of benefits, so it is well worth adding to your daily regime. Discover collagen for yourself by trying our products today.


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