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The great long-term benefits of collagen supplements

by Andrew Harkness

The great long-term benefits of collagen supplements

Collagen is one of the most common proteins in your body, as it's needed for tendons, ligaments, muscles and skin. This makes it vital to the way that your body works, because if you haven’t got enough of it then the quality and health of these body parts will start to deteriorate. To increase your collagen intake, you can either consume certain foods like bone broth or take a quick and easy supplement. Here are just some of the many benefits you could see by supplementing your collagen intake.

Healthier skin

Collagen does a lot of work in boosting your skin’s health, making sure it stays strong, yet supple and hydrated. Over time as your body becomes less effective at producing collagen, your skin starts to deteriorate and ultimately leads to wrinkles. By taking supplements, especially if you’re starting to see signs of ageing, you can ensure that your skin is able to combat wrinkles as it regains some of the structure it used to have.

Better joints

Collagen plays a significant role in tendons and ligaments, which are the connective tissue within your joints which allow your body to move around. Someone with a collagen deficiency would eventually develop aches and pains, which can ruin your day to day life by making normal activities (such as walking) extremely painful. By taking collagen supplements, your joints can become stronger and more flexible, preventing pain later in life.

Bone strength

As collagen production lowers in older age, your bones are able to take on less collagen to keep your bones strong. This explains why older people tend to have more brittle bones, and can be severely injured by trips and falls. Collagen supplements reintroduce collagen to your bones and help it to regain structure, boosting your bone density and saving you from long term damage.

Ultimately, collagen supplements will vastly improve your quality of life, and Kollo health is the best collagen supplement around. If you want to see the health benefits for yourself, visit for more information on a subscription plan. If you want to improve your health, slow ageing and stop wrinkles, collagen supplements are the perfect route for you.
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