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The surprising health benefits of vitamins B and C

by Natasha Whiting

The surprising health benefits of vitamins B and C

We all know that having the right mix of vitamins and minerals are an essential part of our daily wellness routines. However, do you know how vitamins B and C can help improve your health?

Let's take a look at some of their surprising health benefits and one of the best sources for these excellent vitamins.

Vitamin B

Within a vitamin B complex, there are many benefits to your health. For example, vitamin B6 has been linked to enzyme reactions in the body, helping us metabolise food and build red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is vital in this process too, and it may help people with anaemia, and pernicious anaemia produces new blood cells.

What's more, vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid, which is essential for hormone production and growth. also recommend Vitamin B1 for women who are breast-feeding and older men, as it can help with conditions such as beriberi and neuritis.

Vitamin C

If all those health benefits weren't enough, then Vitamin C has plenty more to offer. Some studies have shown that, as a strong antioxidant, vitamin C could reduce the risk of dementia as you age by supporting healthy memory and thinking processes.

Along with links to lowered blood pressure and boosts to immune systems, this vitamin could work wonders for your health. Combining vitamin C with your iron and B12 supplements could increase your absorption levels by up to 67% for those with anaemia.

Marine collagen supplements are here to help

Now that we've established some of the fantastic health benefits of vitamins B and C, where can you get your daily dose? Kollo is here to help. This premium liquid marine collagen supplement is full of vitamins C, B1, B5, B6 and B12 and l-lysine, helping to support your daily wellness.

This fish collagen protein comes with its own surprising health benefits too. Kollo could help you achieve better sleep, healthy hair, and arthritis relief, offering you the potential to stay young and healthy for longer. Plus, the Kollo liquid collagen taste is amazing; adding something special to your health regime.

For the leading marine collagen supplements UK, get in touch with Kollo today.
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