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The top health benefits of collagen

by Natasha Whiting

The top health benefits of collagen

Collagen is actually the prominent substance in our bones, however, its production levels slow as we get older. Enter Kollo, a liquid collagen supplement. But how does collagen benefit your health? Here we discuss just a few of the ways:

It helps you sleep

Collagen contains the compound glycine, which has been found to enhance daytime performance and sleep. Glycine is thought to calm the nervous system and keep your body temperature low throughout the night. If you’re suffering from lack of sleep, it might be a good idea to give a collagen supplement a go.

It reduces inflammation in the gut

Collagen is a large component in the connective tissue of the gut, and also assists in maintaining the digestive tract’s protective lining. If the junctions in your gut lining malfunction, it can allow bacteria into your bloodstream, which in the worst cases can lead to diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. The glycine in collagen has been found to reduce inflammatory conditions, meaning collagen supplements are an effective and safe way to protect us from such issues.

It promotes healthy skin

Because collagen makes up most of the protein in our skin, when our bodies stop producing it, our skin can start thinning. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles. However, collagen is thought to improve the quality of your skin and bring back your youthfulness.

It relieves pain in the joints

Collagen helps maintain your cartilage, which is the tissue that works to protect your joints. As you stop producing collagen, you become more at risk of developing joint disorders, osteoarthritis being one example. Taking collagen supplements can improve symptoms of this disorder, and reduce joint pain in general.

Promotes a healthy heart

It is thought that taking collagen supplements can also promote the health of your heart, reducing the risk of heart-related conditions by providing better structure to arteries. Collagen can prevent your arteries from becoming fragile and weak.

Don’t wait until you notice your health deteriorating – start taking Kollo today. This supplement is backed by science and will assist in collagen production. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Kollo Health for more guidance.
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