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What actually is marine collagen?

by Amber Boyle-Chong

What actually is marine collagen?

So you may have heard of marine collagen from tv adverts, your dermatologist or perhaps you’ve never heard of it at all! You wouldn’t be the only person to have never heard of it and even if you have, you might still not have a clue what it actually means. So we’re here to give you the basics of marine collagen, what it does and why you might need to invest in some.

If you have read our previous blogs, you will know by now that us humans produce our own collagen naturally. Collagen is the protein that helps keep the structure of our connective tissue working in our skin, bones, tissues and tendons. Even though our bodies produce this alone, some people have low levels of collagen and with age this slowly reduces. For those who have low levels of collagen, fine lines, skin sagging and wrinkles will start to appear as well as the changes we feel like joint pain. Some environmental factors that may also impact the appearance of our skin is pollution, smoking and diet. Taking into consideration these factors and the reduction of collagen we produce, a lot of people try to take a collagen supplement to ensure they are fending off any signs of ageing before they begin to appear.

Marine collagen is a type of collagen that is actually sourced from fish scales; the use of this trend started in Asia, specifically, Japan. Marine collagen is one of the most environmentally sustainable collagens as it uses 60% of wasted fish skin.  Since the success of this type of collagen, this has now become a popular supplement to take in the skincare and health market. Studies have shown that people taking marine collagen can see noticeable improvements in their skin condition and feel they are more agile and less stiff - this would make sense with research suggesting that there is an increase in bone strength when consuming it.

If you are considering taking a marine collagen, make sure you have done your research and invest in a trusted premium-graded marine collagen. At first it might be a good idea to try with caution just to ensure your body reacts well to it - though it is very uncommon for this to do the opposite but just something to bear in mind. Kollo Premium Liquid Marine Collagen is safe, trusted and backed by science. So if you fancy seeing changes in your skin and your lifestyle then give marine collagen a go!

What actually is marine collagen?

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