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What are the potential health benefits of vitamin B12?

by Natasha Whiting

What are the potential health benefits of vitamin B12?

Our bodies need a whole range of different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. One of the most important is vitamin B12 as it helps DNA synthesis, the production of red blood cells and allows nerve cells to function as they should. The key thing to know about this important vitamin is that your body cannot produce it by itself. This means that you should get the recommended amount of 2.4mcg per day from your diet.

While it can be taken in from the food you eat, sometimes it is hard to get a high enough amount each day. This is where vitamin B12 daily dose supplements come in. These handy tablets contain all of this vitamin you need each day and help to keep your body performing at its optimum level.

But what specific benefits could taking this vitamin bring?

What are the potential health benefits of vitamin B12?
Not many people know but this vitamin can actually help your body produce the feel-good chemical serotonin. Without the right levels of serotonin in our bodies, we cannot regulate our moods properly and can soon feel down. By taking in enough B12 each day, we are helping our bodies to avoid this and produce the serotonin needed to stay healthy.

One of the classic signs of a deficiency in this vitamin is feeling tired all the time. This actually gives a clue as to another major benefit which taking in enough of it each day could deliver. B12 has been found to help reduce feelings of fatigue and boost how well your body can produce energy.

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in the production of healthy cells in the body. For this reason, making sure you are having the recommended amount each day could help promote healthy hair and nail growth. If you find this a problem, then try taking B12 supplements for a few weeks to see the difference. As B12 helps in cell production, it is also helpful for keeping skin in top condition.

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