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What is the best collagen?

by Natasha Whiting

What is the best collagen?

From face creams to protein powder, there are multiple ways to introduce collagen supplements into your health and beauty routine. But which is the best way to take collagen, and why? We explore the answer to this and more below to ensure you are consuming collagen in the most effective way possible!

Which is the best method to take collagen?

Although it can vary due to personal opinion, one of the most popular methods of taking collagen is with a liquid collagen product. Here's why…

1. Easily consumed

Many people struggle to take pills and swallow large supplements. A collagen drink eliminates this problem as the collagen can be added to water, or a healthy drink for example, and be digested easily. The liquid collagen can also be consumed on-the-go, meaning it is suitable for individuals with a busy lifestyle who do not have the time to prepare meals or take multiple vitamins in the morning.

2. Work from the outside-in

While face creams and beauty products which contain collagen do have their benefits, liquid collagen which is consumed orally works from the outside in and often, therefore, has more long-lasting and noticeable effects.

3. Faster absorption

In general, a liquid substance is usually absorbed at a must faster rate than a solid supplement in the stomach, as the body doesn’t have to break the substance down so it can be absorbed much more quickly. For this reason, liquid collagen over solid collagen substances will have quicker results.

Which type of collagen is the best?

One of the best types of collagen to consume is marine collagen. Marine collagen is sourced from fish scales, here's why it is often considered the best collagen

1. It is odour and tasteless

As it is both odour and tasteless, marine collagen can be added to multiple drinks without creating an unpleasant taste. It is also extremely easy to consume liquid marine collagen as its inoffensive taste and smell make it easy to consume on a regular basis.

2. Promotes cell regeneration

Marine collagen helps to promote the healthy regeneration of cells. With healthy cell renewal, your hair and nails will be stronger and your complexion should be smoother and plumper.

3. It can improve your bone health

Aside from improving the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails, research suggests that marine collagen has the ability to improve bone strength.

4. It is sustainable

Often, the scales of a fish are disposed of and are wasted. Marine collagen utilises this area of a fish, reducing the amount of waste products from fishing.

5. May reduce the appearance of scars

As marine collagen helps to promote cell regeneration, it may be able to reduce the appearance of scars and help other skin defects such as rashes or burns heal.

6. Marine collagen can be combined with other vitamins

Marine collagen is suitable to be combined with other vitamins and substances that can benefit your body, such as Vitamin C, B1, B6 and B12.

7. Can be taken as part of a healthy diet

Marine collagen is fat, dairy, gluten and cholesterol-free, so it can be taken as part of a healthy diet and does not add any unnecessary fat to your diet.

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