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Collagen shots: What is the best way to drink them?

by Olivia Coleman

What is the best way to drink collagen shots?

 Collagen shots are small quantities of a liquid formula loaded with collagen peptides and other nutrients. They assist with the synthesis of collagen in our bodies. They are a form of supplement; an alternative to mixing a powder into a drink or yoghurt, or swallowing a couple of big pills each morning.

Think of your espresso shot in your cappuccino or the shot you down in the bar after a long week at work. The idea of collagen shots is to provide a potent burst of what you need by swallowing a small yet powerful amount of liquid. Kollo comes as a daily collagen shot which you get from a sachet for each day of the week.

But what is the best way to drink collagen shots? Let’s explore.

What does collagen do?

Though it is a hot topic in the health and beauty industries, many people only know of collagen as a filler injection to rejuvenate parts of the face. Collagen is actually a protein that is very abundant throughout our bodies. It has a strong presence in our skin, joints, bones, gut, arteries and muscles. It provides structure to the tissues and helps maintain healthy function of the cells.

As we get older, the levels of collagen in our bodies decrease. This leads to issues like sagging skin and wrinkles, stiff joints, loss of bone density, thinning hair and nails and more. We can fight back against this natural decline with collagen supplements to ward off the early signs of ageing.

Collagen supplements contain collagen peptides. These are amino acid chains from breaking down complete collagen molecules via hydrolysis. Collagen peptides are highly bioavailable, meaning they are easy for our bodies to absorb into the bloodstream. They are abundant in the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These are essential fuel for our bodies to synthesise new collagen.

So when we absorb collagen peptides into our bodies, it stimulates the production of collagen and can lead to:

  • Improved skin firmness and hydration

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • More supple, comfortable joints

  • Gains in bone mass

  • Healthier, fuller hair and nails

  • Increased lean muscle mass (with exercise)

  • Improved sleep and a boost to energy levels

This is why collagen supplementation has become so popular in recent years.

What is Kollo?

Kollo is a premium marine collagen supplement that you take as daily liquid collagen shots. It contains type I collagen derived from the skin and scales of fish. This collagen is extracted and hydrolysed using enzymatic processes to maintain the purity and integrity of the collagen peptides. 

We load every sachet with 10 grams of collagen peptides plus a hefty dose of vitamin C, several B vitamins and l-lysine. This amounts to powerful daily collagen fuel for your body to enable the greatest benefit over time. With a consistent dosage, it can take as little as 6-8 weeks to start experiencing the benefits to your skin, hair and nails.

So what is the best way to drink collagen shots?

Moving back to the original question in this article: what's the best way to drink collagen shots? Though there are several ways you could consume that potent liquid in our Kollo sachets, they all work. There is no single answer to the ‘best’ way to drink collagen shots – you should choose the method that works for you.

With that in mind, let’s look at three methods of consuming your collagen shot.

Mix it with water

This is what the team had in mind when developing Kollo as a liquid shot. Pour a glass of approximately 170ml of water. Then you tear open a sachet and empty it into the water in the glass. At this point, you can give it a quick stir with a teaspoon then drink to consume all the collagen goodness.

This process is quick, easy and effective. It takes less than a minute and enables you to consume the collagen shot in its entirety.

If you have worries about taste, let us assure you that there is nothing to worry about. The collagen shots themselves, though derived from fish sources, have no fishy taste to it. Naticol collagen peptides have no taste and we add natural tropical flavourings and sweeteners. This ensures it has a pleasant, fruity taste when mixed. Essentially, it will taste like a fruit squash when you mix it with water, so it is a nice addition to a morning routine.

Mix it with another drink

Of course, there is no guarantee that everyone will like the taste of Kollo – everyone is different! Fortunately, the liquid shot is versatile enough that you don't have to mix it with water to consume it. If you prefer, you could mix it with some fruit juice, a smoothie or another squash or tonic. This would add a taste that you know you like.

However, if you choose to do this, you should be aware of a couple of things:

  • The sweet taste of Kollo may interact with the taste of your chosen drink for an unknown outcome.

  • Any vitamins in the drink you choose, if it is a fruit juice or smoothie, may have an impact on the balance of nutrients you consume with your shot.

  • It is not suitable for mixing with a hot drink as this may affect the integrity of the contents of the Kollo shot.

  • We developed Kollo to be sugar-free because sugar can be bad for collagen production. Be aware of the sugar content of your chosen drink.

Drink it straight

While perhaps not the first choice for many, it is possible to drink the Kollo shot straight out of the sachet. This would be a quick way to get it down if you are in a mad rush, ensuring you get all that collagen goodness into your body. Of course, you could always grab your sachet and take it to work with you to consume later. But you may prefer to keep taking it at the same time each day.

One word of warning about drinking collagen shots neat: it has a concentrated taste so it may be very sweet. If you have no problem with a sudden, uber-sweet taste then there is no real problem with consuming it this way. You will get all those collagen peptides and other nutrients into you in no time at all. Then be can dash out the door to get on with your day!

Don’t throw the sachet away

However you choose to drink your collagen shots, keep this in mind. You should not throw Kollo sachets into the bin afterwards. We commit to being as sustainable as possible and minimising our waste footprint. You may have noticed that we ship our Kollo box in cardboard packaging. Also, the sachets come in a fully-recyclable cardboard box (which, we might add, is very pleasing to the eye!)

Our Kollo sachets are part of the TerraCycle®️ “Zero Waste Box™️”  programme. You can send them back to us and we will have them recycled. You may even be able to find a TerraCycle®️ drop-off point near you where you can take the used sachets. However you choose to do it, we encourage you to engage with the TerraCycle®️ programme. This will help prevent hard-to-recycle plastic waste from entering landfill. 

Collagen shots: final thoughts

At Kollo, we chose to present our supplements as liquid collagen shots. We believe this is the best way for customers to take collagen peptides. It is an easy, convenient, quick and delicious way to consume those all-important nutrients. You will have no problem incorporating it into your daily routine.

Also, the liquid form is pre-digested, meaning your body will not need to break anything down to access the collagen peptides. They can absorb into your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. Then, they begin getting to work fuelling the natural processes by which your body creates collagen.

We want you to experience the full benefits of collagen supplementation. Thus, we have carefully developed Kollo in line with the science to ensure it works for you. You can learn more about our product by exploring our website. We invite you to check out the page about scientific studies and look at the many reviews posted by verified buyers. You might also browse our blog to find dozens of articles covering everything there is to know about Kollo and collagen.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us and someone from our team will endeavour to answer them. We’d love to hear from you!